Johnson Kannokadan 2014-05-13 05:12:33 News
I think FOMAA Convention in 2014 will be a memorable one with Film Festival, Young Professional Summit, Swetha Mohan, Remya Nambishan, Vijay Yesudas and Team, Stephan Devessy and Team, Youth festival, Business Banquet, Dignitreries from Kerala and India, several MLAs, Ministers, PA Governor etc.... It will be lots of fun with 5000 Malayalees in Philly.
millennium bible 2014-05-12 17:15:45 News
Jesus was a historical person ? there is nothing to support it. That is why all these inferences pop up
Mathew 2014-05-12 07:42:01 News
Cheru katha kalakki. Vaayanakkaare aashaya kkuzhappathilaakkukayaanallo Thelma kutty. Avassaanathe suspense vaayichu 'ayyada' ennayippoyi. Congratulations. Suspensukalude raajaathikku abhinandam. Mathai sir
Antoni Varghese.K 2014-05-12 07:37:27 News
Thelma, Congratulations on your new cheru katha. You have a way of bringing the surprise at the end and I am wondering about the bhavana. kala hrudayam ullavarkku avasaanathe suspense ishttappedum K.Antony
Thomas T Oommen, Chairman, FOMAA Political Forum 2014-05-11 21:53:47 News
Thank you dear Father K K John Achen for your love and blessings.  
Thomas T Oommen

Fr. KK John 2014-05-11 19:35:51 News
പ്രിയ തോമസ് ഉമ്മൻ മേല്പറഞ്ഞ കാര്യങ്ങൾ എല്ലാം സത്വര ശ്രദ്ധ ആവശ്യമായ പ്രശ്നങ്ങളാകുന്നു. പൊതു നന്മയ്ക്കുവേണ്ടി പല  കാര്യങ്ങളും സ്വമേധയാ ചെയ്ത ശ്രി ഉമ്മൻ എല്ലാം കൊണ്ടും ഉന്നത പദവികൾ അർഹിക്കുന്നു.. ഫോമായുടെ കാര്യദർശി എന്നാ നിലയിൽ തെരഞ്ഞെടുക്കപ്പെടുവാൻ എന്തുകൊണ്ടും സർവദാ യോഗ്യനാകുന്നു എന്ന് നന്നായി അറിയാവുന്ന ഒരാളെന്ന നിലയ്ക്കു തോമസ് ടി ഉമ്മനെ വിജയിപ്പിക്കുന്നതു മലയാളി സമൂഹത്തിനു അവശ്യമാകുന്നു എന്ന് ഞാൻ അഭിപ്രായപ്പെടുന്നു. ശ്രീ ഉമ്മന് വിജയാശംസകൾ; ഫാ കെ. കെ. ജോണച്ചൻ, ഫിലാദെൽഫിയ. 
Biju Cherian 2014-05-11 19:04:49 News
Congratulations ! Krishna Kishore and team deserve special appreciation for their dedicated service. One suggestion, during the presentation, the repeatation of " US Round up begins now...or start now" should be avoided. Once the title music done and the Introduction by the Anchor, the Program should continue...Good Luck
monachen 2014-05-11 13:01:25 News
Congratulations form Florida!
Jospeh Mathew 2014-05-11 08:33:47 News
All the best James. Great Vision, You can bring all the associations together. We will Support you.
Lissyammamma 2014-05-11 05:09:14 News
We all are proud of you. 
New York
Mohan Painingal 2014-05-10 22:16:28 News
James Leadership record is great, as One of the biggest convention hosted in Florida with 5000 people (as Chairman), FOMAA National Youth festival in Florida, As RVP of FOMAA, as President and Trusty board chairman of Malayalee Association of Central Florida. I am sure he will do a great job as FOMAA President. I heard the momentum is building in his favor, eventually he will win. All the best.
saji mylapra 2014-05-10 19:45:35 News
When I was reading the poem  i  expected only a  flower but you gave me a  garden
Thomas T Oommen, Chairman, FOMAA Political Forum 2014-05-10 18:52:14 News
Congratulations to Biju (Kurien T Oommen). 
With love and prayers
(Thomas T Oommen)
Truth man 2014-05-10 13:42:58 News
Dileep said that Kavya,s life broken with him ,and then his life
broken by her.So the the problem solved .So you can marry together .Nobody here to brake your life anymore

Who said this media
Varmaji 2014-05-10 09:37:54 News
Thelma, You wrote 'ettante sundari' short story before and became popular for bringing up the suspense at the end that the 'sundari' was a parrot. This time your short story went up one more step further and made us real curious. Your bhavana is amazing. Congratulations. Gopal Varma