Ruma 2014-03-07 13:33:15 News
It is encouraging to hear the need of getting zillion associations together. In my humble
opinion, it is essential to vote when you live in this country. Your vote is your voice.
How do you know?. I am a registered voter and voted every election major or minor
with very few 1 or 2 missed. I am involved in local voluntary work and attended county
reps meeting. I am sure if there be a need I can ask them. Instead of celebrating
onam every year if these association encouraged the people to vote, we would have
gotten lot of support. When I talked about the importance of voting, many of my
friends were completely ignoring it. They wanted to become citizens of this country
just to enjoy the benefits. Sadly it does'nt work one way.    
Vipin 2014-03-07 13:12:03 News
I AGREE 100%
Ponmelil Abraham 2014-03-07 11:08:59 News
I really appreciate the efforts of George Abraham of INOC of USA in support of Aranmula Airport Project in his meeting with V.M.Sudheeran. This project is very important for Malayalee Pravasies and would like to give my unwavering support.
John Pallivettil 2014-03-07 05:58:03 News
Hats off to FOMAA leaders George Mathew, Gladson Varghese and others for taking this big step to Teach Malayalam for our kids. I think our kids are the only ones don't speak or write our language. Spanish kids speak spanish, Gujarathi's teach their kids Gujarathi, etc.....
Varughese Mathew 2014-03-07 05:25:28 News
How can someone change the time? No one can change day and night!! 
I wish I live in Arizona ! 
Vaeughese N  Mathew, US Tribune.
Narayan 2014-03-07 04:10:30 News
Anything will happen?  American Malayalees were hearing these type of assurances many times in the past.  Wait and see.
വിദ്യാധരൻ 2014-03-06 21:08:09 News
മനുഷ്യൻ ദൈവത്തിനെ സൃഷ്ടിച്ചു മനസ്സിൻറെ 
മലർക്കുമ്പിളിനുള്ളിൽ തിരുമധുരവുമായി 
മനുഷ്യൻ ദൈവത്തിനെ വളർത്തി, ദാഹിക്കുന്ന 
മനസ്സിൽ മാതൃത്വത്തിൻറെ സ്നിഗ്ദ്ധവാത്സല്യത്തോടെ 
കാലമാട്ടിയ കളിതോട്ടിലിൽ മയങ്ങിയും 
കാഹളദ്ധ്വനികളിലുണർന്നും വളർന്നനാൾ
ഒരിക്കൽ കാണാതായികുഞ്ഞിനെ മനുഷ്യൻറെ 
നിറയും വാൽസല്യത്തിൻ കണ്‍പീലി നിറഞ്ഞുപോയി 
കടലോരത്തിൽ, ഗുഹാഗഹ്വരങ്ങളിൽ മല-
മുടിയിൽ, കൊടുങ്കാട്ടിൽ തേടുവാനിടമില്ല;
കണ്ടിടത്തെല്ലാമോമൽപ്പേർ ചൊല്ലിവിളിച്ചിട്ടും 
കണ്ടില്ല വിളികേട്ടില്ലെങ്ങു പോയി ദൈവം?
അന്നുതൊട്ടിന്നേവരെത്തുടർന്ന് തുടരുന്നു 
മണ്ണിലെ മനുഷ്യന്റെ ദൈവാന്വേഷണ യജ്ഞം!
പോയ നഷ്ടത്തിൻ ഗർത്തം നികന്നില്ല്തിൻശോക -
ച്ഹായയും മാഞ്ഞില്ലാകെ കിട്ടിയതിതുമാത്രം 
മതമെന്നൊരു ദുഷ്ടരാക്ഷസനതിൽ പിഞ്ചു -
ഹൃദയം പുലിനഖ ക്കൈകളാൽ മാന്തിക്കീറി 
അജ്ജഡം പ്രദർശിപ്പിച്ചതിന്റെ പിന്നിൽനിന്നീ 
വിശ്വശക്തിയാം മന്ത്രപിഞ്ചിക ചുഴറ്റുന്നു 
മനുഷ്യ പുത്രൻ കൊല്ലപ്പെട്ടു പോയി മതങ്ങൾക്ക് 
മരണം മഹാസത്യം ജീവിതം വെറും മിഥ്യ ! (വയലാർ )
andrews-Millennium bible 2014-03-06 19:33:41 News

Religious leaders in Politics ? Millennium thoughts# 53

Topographically; it may look like a great effort and many stooges will come out with trumpets and drums to join their bishop, guru,amma or what ever you want to call them. But there is a lot of hidden dangers which in turn can destroy democracy. Democracy is not the best form of Government. But it is a practical one. The rule of a philosopher king may be the best one. But where can we get one ?

In various parts of the world and ever throughout human history we have seen the rule of religion with political powers. The crusaders, French and Russian revolution all are products of rotten religion and politics merger.

It is said; one day; during the eve days of french revolution a lord came home to find his wife and local bishop making love in his bed. Lord came to the terrace and started blessing the passers by. Soon there was a crowd. They asked him the reason for his crazy show. He said, '' His holiness is busy doing my job in my bed, so I am doing his job''. Rest is left for your thoughts !

Let us analyze few facts:

what is the minimum qualification to be a priest, guru or amma ? - apparently none.

But they are cunning enough to be a hypocrite. They are lazy. But they get hungry. So they joined religion to earn their food, shelter and clothing by cheating on innocent/ humble but idiotic devotees. It is very horrible and pathetic to see people fall down on all fours and worship them including some educated idiots.

What is the minimum qualification for being a politician ? - apparently none.

You have to say yes to the leader. Be his junta, be in front of a rally, fight against another party and eventually you will be a leader making very strategic decisions even though you don't know how to read and write.

The unfortunate fact is the rest of the population has live by a decision made by some uneducated idiots.

When religion rules over politics it is theo- crazy. Look at the countries where crazy religious leaders rule. Their craziness is not confined with in their country's boundaries. The devotees / patriots of the crazy nations are spreading terror all over the world.

A priest / religious leader should not interfere /influence politics. They are representing a fraction of the society. When they rule over politics, democracy is dead. It is called oligarchy- the rule of a rich few.

The problem here is; they become small to large feudal lords. Feudal lords interact and can fight against and destroy the society or they may join together and control the society. In either way a religious leader cannot reach a good decision for the welfare all humans.

If the religion wants to control politics; government should nationalize all religious institutions. All religious and so- called 'non- profit organizations must pay income tax. Politicians should be working as priests in temples, mosques and churches. Let them switch their positions. What is the difference- there is none. Both appear before the pulpit or podium and repeats absolute non-sense like a parrot. They know; no one listens to them. So they can say what ever ! No one listens!. According to them; they are doing their job or obligation ? Sounds funny/stupid ? They are simply polluting the air with nonsense and bad breath. Job & obligation ?- no you are not. Running your loose tongue is not a job good for the society. Go and work like an ordinary human. Earn your bread by the sweat of your brows.

Another evil we should all fight against: special treatment for a 'privileged '. There is a lot of them:- religious and political leaders ! Why people and governments cater to them and bow down before them and adorn them with garlands. How much a human degrade himself before another human?.

Have you seen this so-called leaders coming out through green channels in customs ? You know they went to overseas for a holy begging. They are bringing back a lot. They must pay income tax to the country where they collected the money and to the country they bringing the money in. The only people who are allowed through the green channel must be the people who work hard in foreign countries. In India's case people who work in desert countries. Not those lazy long legged religious heads in different type & colored garments.

Well, it is utopia? In any country, where a politician has to bow down and rub the legs of religious group- justice is a myth. In fact, unfortunately it is happening every part of the world.

So ! Who is the victim ? Yes we are all. The hard working, 'ordinary'. So wake up ! We the ordinary. There is no human gods. They claim to be so; as long as there are idiots to support them and worship them. You; the hard working is holy- far beyond these hypocrites!

Ponmelil Abraham 2014-03-06 19:02:15 News
There should be full investigation and both the parties should have the opportunities to present and prove the points raised against Amrithanadha Mayi. The truth must be brought to light and matters settled soon to clear the image from public mind.
Jack Daniel 2014-03-06 13:34:29 News
The reward for spiritual work is getting filled with spirit. This is the truth I found out in spirit filled life.
Ponmelil Abraham 2014-03-06 13:03:51 News
Adaranjalikal and prayers for the repose of her soul.
Ponmelil Abraham 2014-03-06 13:01:45 News
Indeed, Bishop Mar Mathew Anikattukuzhil stood by the people of high range in addressing their concerns with regard to Kasthuri Rangan Report, with extra courage and vigilance. He should be recognized for the intitative once the necessary changes are made and implimented.
Anthappan 2014-03-06 12:55:44 News
‘Without courage wisdom bears no fruit’ – And, I am glad to see some writers and commentators standing up against the garbage pushed by some rotten leaders and their stooges. Thanks Mr. Andrews for that inspirational wisdom.
Zach thomas 2014-03-06 05:54:14 News
Heartfelt condolence to the family
Zach Thomas and family 
വിദ്യാധരൻ 2014-03-05 21:19:08 News
"എന്നന്തർ മുഖദർശന ശൈലിയിൽ -
നിന്ന് വിതുമ്പിയ ഗാനം 
എന്നാതമാവിലെ നെയ്ത്തിരിപൂത്തതിൽ 
മിന്നിവിടർന്നൊരു ഗാനം, 
എങ്ങനെ വന്നു നിറഞ്ഞു നിങ്ങളിൽ?
നിങ്ങളുടെ ഓടക്കുഴലിൽ ?
എന്നിലെ നോവുകൾ എന്റെ കിനാവുകൾ 
എങ്ങനെ നിങ്ങളിൽ എത്തി?"