പാഷാണം വർക്കി 2015-07-08 10:51:18 News
I do not agree with Fr. Joseph Varghese opinion. That’s his version. You have to understand the State and the Church first. . As the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage resonates around the globe, it will have both positive and negative impact. Virtually everyone agrees that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution offers some protections for religious groups. For example, most (even among gay rights advocates) believe the Constitution protects clergy from being required to officiate at marriages for same-sex couples and churches from being forced to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in their sanctuaries. However, those who refuse may lose their non-profit status (churches, hospitals, schools)-meaning an adverse effect on their well -being and financial stability. Now the bad news. It is the sobering reality that for many activists who are still struggling for the most basic recognition of their rights, the marriage ruling, even if relished privately as a potent symbol of equality, will also be a political obstacle to their work. There is no federal law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. And, of the 22 states that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, a majority have at least some protections for religious groups written into their anti-discrimination statutes. It is possible that all sides will “be able to live in peace”.
Anthappan 2015-07-08 07:50:17 News

Anya Bhasha was probably the origin of language.  When people wanted to communicate, they must have made some sound and then it slowly developed to language.   Once the people got solid ground on language and thinking process they invented god and goddesses and religion. They created a god who listens to them.   It is irrational and illogical to start an article suggesting that there is god and a connection between languages.  Human life is a struggle for existence and in that struggle we will invent many things to sustain our life on earth.  It is the responsibility of writers to get freedom for millions of people shackled into religion and confusion perpetuating on them.  Anyabbhasa is nothing other than the chattering of confused mind overloaded with religion.   I request the acclaimed writer like you to use your pen to get the people out of this massive confusion created by religion. 

Saul 2015-07-08 06:36:28 News

Reporter. -An intellectual is the man or woman who engages in critical study, thought, and reflection about the reality of society, and proposes solutions for the normative problems of society, and by such discourse in the public sphere gains authority from public opinion.  Do you have any of the qualities mentioned in the definition of an intellectual?  Mr. Reporter and Vada NY?  First of all you guys are cowards without even a first name or last name.  You cannot even think straight because you are enslaved by religion.  You joined by the worst priest worms and suck the blood of the poor and oppressed. In order to satisfy your sexual desires you sleep with housewives, alter boys, and abuse children.  Your homosexuality doctrines are gaining ground.   You will now declare Sodom and Gomorrah as your holy land and conduct pilgrimage.  At least Mr. Andrew has the courage to stand up against all the so called fake cowered Christians showing up here. You and your Wada get lost to the hell where you have come from.  This is the last chance otherwise you will be thrown into the hell of fire you blood worm.  You and your Vada deserve Adoor Bhasi story, you cheaters.  

Anthappan 2015-07-07 21:19:04 News

We don’t have time to sit back and relax Mr. Andrew.  Chase these fanatics out of their cocoon where they are sitting comfortably and enjoying life.   I don’t have any problem learning and practicing what Jesus was doing when he was alive.  He was a simple person who loved the humanity.  But, unfortunately he was abducted by thousands of Christians and sold him in the market.  Jesus was no god. He was an ordinary person who loved working and hiking. He had time to stop by the ordinary people and encourage them to be spiritually uplifted.  Now, you see the so called shepherds; wining and dining,  smoking, and homosexuality.  One idiotic pastor was asking 65 million dollars from the congregation to buy a plane.  Some of them are having sex in the altar.  These fake leaders have an army of morons like SchCast and Vada to wear mask and go out and fight with truth seekers.   They cannot stand truth seekers because it is like someone telling them that they are naked.  So they go on offensive and tell that all the non-Christians are atheist.  These people don’t have courage because in order to survive the strangling death by the truth seekers, they change color like Onth.  Don’t give up Andrew. Keep going at least some of them have already abandoned their post and ran away just like the Iraq army dropped the pants and ran away from ISiS.  One became a lower cast and living in the Mask house.  He changes his mask every 3O minute.  Adoor Bhasi was a honest person. At least he bought candy for the children.  But, if you do the same thing to Christians, they will lift their Mund further up and show their hidden and filthy hell.  Bombard Andrew Bombard.  These people have the lowest IQ because they cannot think; they live on others.  

Sudhir Panikkaveetil 2015-07-07 19:19:09 News
Hearty congratulations and best wishes -

Sudhir Panikkaveetil
ANIYANKUNJU 2015-07-07 18:57:20 News

FWD:   __by Prof. Monish R. Chatterji Ph.D., SUNY, Binghamton, NY, USA 

(excerpts) ...................let it be understood that neither Bankim Chandra Chatterjee nor Rabindranath Tagore planned the writing of Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Mana as potential candidates for India's national anthem. ...
 May I also point out that Jana Gana Mana, the poem, is far longer than the portion commonly represented in the national anthem. And in that extended poem, there are images of the Bhagya Vidhata who is also India's eternal Mother (an image hardly reconcilable with His Royal Highness), and India's guide through triumphs and tragedies throughout history (a history that began long before the first English traders arrived at India's doorstep)...... 
Tagore did not set out to write a geographic or anthropological primer of India or her culture in a short poem. He did plenty of that, many times over, across the spectrum of his writings.... 
To understand his intentions, it is far more meaningful to explore the range of his writings, and develop a feel for his psyche and his orientation towards India and the world.... 
Finally, as for Tagore writing in gratitude for the British monarch sparing Bengal from the axe of partition- the idea is absurd to the point of being laughable to some, even offensive to others...... 
From the beginning of the initial partition proposal, Tagore had campaigned (as he did throughout much of his writing career on behalf of India's freedom struggle like few writers of his stature I believe have anywhere) tirelessly against the draconian and divisive proposal..... 
It is unimaginable that any principled individual, much less one of Tagore's magnitude, would voice his "gratitude" to the very opponent against whose injustice he campaigned so hard.
A.C.George 2015-07-07 16:50:26 News

Mr. Varghese Abraham, Denver, Your humor about touching really touched my heart and body very much.  The subject matter is touchy. Do not forget about poor untouchables of the past.  As you said whether you are a pravasi or daridravasi, if you have the intention of touching, you have to think about touching many times, otherwise you will get in to trouble. Do not touch on hot spots, because your portions of the spot using for touching get burned. There are smooth touches, soft touches, hard touches, all kinds of art of touching involved. If you travel by bus, train, plain beware of proper touching. Be cautious about proper and improper touching. If you are a big movie star, big politician, minister, priest or pujari you can somehow get away with all sorts of touching.  Thank you Mr. Varghese Abraham for bring up this delicate touchy subject to the attention of the reading public.

Reporter 2015-07-07 13:53:45 News
Unfortunately, most of the commentators against VadaNY and Reporter don't seem to have the intellectual capacity to understand what VadaNy was saying. It has nothing to do with pro or anti christians. It was all about the irrelevant, indiscriminate and conflicting opportunistic commenting style of one particular commentator. So how do they reply? Attack using some twisted and stupid jokes!
christian 2015-07-07 13:52:00 News

Hello Mr.Babu Paul, I am very confused. Will you be kind to clear my confusion. You are son of a priest and you were very active in church, but what you have written is very confusing.

1] മാനവ കുലത്തിന്റെ ഈറ്റില്ലം ആയി …...... ആഫ്രിക്ക ….... അറിവ് ഉള്ളവര്‍ ഉഹിക്കുന്നു …

according to H.Bible Eden is the place where God created Adam. You are saying it is Africa and that is what people of knowledge think. But Bible is an inspired book. Our church is standing on that belief.

You are saying what is written in the H.Bible is wrong.

2] ഉത്പത്തിയിലെ …....... അദികാരിക ചരിത്രം ആയി …....... പണ്ഡിതര്‍ അങ്ങികരിക്കുന്നില്ല. അയ്യോ പോപും ഇതു തന്നെ പറയുന്നു.

we have a big problem now. Jesus died to save us from the first sin of our great parents, Adam and Eve.

If the first chapters are not history, then Jesus did not know this. God did not know this. Jesus died on cross to save us. According to you God and Jesus has no knowledge and only pundits know this.

Now we have to re-write the whole Bible, songs and prayers of the church. Is this blasphemy ?

Please tell me. We the humble visvasikal is confused and lost.

3] റോമന്‍ കത്തോലിക്ക സഭയിലെ വി. അഗസ്ടിന്‍ തോന്നിയ വാസം നടന്നിട്ട് …....

അയ്യോ മതിയേ മതി The end of the world is here. The saints are bad, killers, adulterers ?

Those who killed Abaya and Mariyakutty will be saints.

Oh Jesus come Soon. I cannot take this.

andrew 2015-07-07 12:34:21 News

അടൂര്‍ ഭാസി മിട്ടായി ചില കമന്റുകള്‍ എഴുതുന്നവര്‍ക്ക്

the original story may be different, but this is what I know : Bhasi was walking with his potbelly through the country side of Kerala. On the way he had to answer the first call, so as all Malayalees he lifted his മുണ്ട് and did it. A boy was an eye witness and he yelled out അയ്യോ ഞാന്‍ കണ്ടേ. ഭാസി continued his walk and came back with some മിട്ടായി and gave it to the boy. Boy was confused and asked ' you giving me candy even after I made fun of you”. Bhasi said, that is not the point. Ever since I had this belly I couldn't see it. But you were able to find it. So the candy is for finding something that I couldn't find in me.

Some fanatics comments in e malayalee; if they don't like someone else comment they call the author bad names. A person [persons] appeared in many fake names but their theme and style was same. They were not able to tolerate criticism of their god and religion. We were called anti- christians, hindus hiding under christian names, ignorant s, atheists and so on. I was never an atheist. But I don't accept any of the gods of the religions. They are all man made, made for the ignorant s by cunning priests.

I am in search of the real god not in literature but through the day to day knowledge provided by science.. It may be energy, light, darkness what ever.

Why christians alone are commented about ? The accusation is false. I am against all established religions. But in e- malayalee more than 95 % of the articles are christian. So they get more criticism. You don't like criticism ? Then do not publish your church news letter in public media.

Raju Mylapra had an article on Purohitha pirivukar- some thing like that. But it was removed from e malayalee. Seems like some fanatic threatened Raju or the Poor Editor.

Raju has sworn a lot of seeds of pure, naked criticism on some christian denominations. I agree to Raju fully. The fanatics will loose sleep and will start attacking like mad dogs, they bite everything on its way.

Let us sit back and enjoy.

christian 2015-07-07 12:01:07 News
'' നടു വിരല്‍  ഏതോ  ............തുറന്ന വായില്‍  ....
i cannot think of it. It is the sin of sodom. America said ok. but  VadaNY, and his group -oh no ; i dont know what they do to you.
Anthappan 2015-07-07 10:55:22 News

Government employees are supposed to focus on their work rather than sleeping in the work and dreaming about Mother of God, and that is what I understand from the D. Babupaul’s article.  He used to see Mother of God all the time and recited he prayer 150 times a day.   In addition to that, he spends four days on meditation to find out the secret embedded in the ‘Quntha’.  I understand, Saturday and Sundays are holiday and that means he must have used two days out of five working days to on this Religious business.    If an IAS officer can spend this much time, you can imagine how a Minister is going to spend his or her time. (Most of them are spending time with FOKKANA & FOMA).   Religion already destroyed the humankind and people like Babu Paul is adding fuel to the fire.   Look at the new avatar like VadaNY coming up drawing fuel from his article.  It is amazing how much people like to be like pigs and play in the dirt. 

Mr. Hookah 2015-07-07 08:56:40 News
Image result for hookah
Don't use pot and kettle. Use me. No hassle.  
Observer 2015-07-07 08:54:19 News

The Reporter is under the influence of,  “ Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.[1][2] The FBI's Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 8 percent of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.

SchCast 2015-07-07 07:48:29 News

Sorry guys – I had problem with my hookah.  I was about to inhale my pot where I get my spiritual strength, and found the hookah k was not working.  So, I had to borrow the Kettle from Vada  to smoke my pot and unfortunately I burned his kettle.  Vada got pissed off and he started saying ‘pot calling kettle black.’  I apologize for all the mishap. Monse is the one who is screwing things up and agitating the Christian.  One rotten apple can destroy rest of the apple.  Too much pot will make people to strip of the cloth and run naked; this happen when spirit gets anointed with spirit.   Hope someone will follow the Bible, and give him his cloth.