Raveendran Narayanan 2014-01-24 16:14:01 News
" In recent FOMA Young meet  SEMINAR, some body told that " YOU WILL WIN IN THE FIELD THOSE DID NOT EXPROED BEFORE " .ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE VENTURES.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      DEAR FRIENDS OF MOTHER EARTH,
YES, POLAR VORTEX !!!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Te9jtgRVsbY... " AIR CONDITIONING OF MOTHER EARTH " is progressing !!!!!! 
Book publishing soon in USA " ENVIRONMENTAL RAPE & H.R. ABUSES LEAD TO CLIMATE CHANGE CONTROL " ( Full colors - 500 pages)
Please write a comment in you tube . ALSO TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VIEW IT & comment. Thanks.
Teresa Antony 2014-01-24 08:59:10 News
Good report Jos. Keep writing about all the abuses Kerala govt does. Also try to give some practical solutions. 
Moncy kodumon 2014-01-24 07:19:24 News
Sir,you  are telling the truth, you are a brave man in India
Really I accept  your courage and  power.We are American
Malayalees  expecting more and more from your  knowledge
Thank you very much sir,
Tom abraham 2014-01-24 05:56:45 News
Thank you sir, for your in-depth analysis of the Devayani issue.
Govt of India should apologize to the US., correct, and pay Sangeeta what s due to her. Justice must prevail. 
Stripping of Devayani was in her own interest because some they
Carry stuff to committ suicide. Not for any fun by a female officer.

Tom Mathews 2014-01-24 05:22:41 News
Dear Sheela: Wishing you and the celebrations in Dallas all the success it deserves. Keep a good thing going !! Tom Mathews New Jersey
Ninan Mathullah 2014-01-24 03:51:03 News
              Well written

മാഗ് മത്തായി 2014-01-23 21:44:50 News
തെറിക്കുത്തരം മുറിപ്പത്തലാണ് . ഇവന്മാരെ ഇവിടെന്നു അടിച്ചോടിച്ചു നാടുകടത്തണം. അമേരിക്കയിൽ പല സംഘടനകളും അടിച്ചു പൊളിച്ചു നാലും എട്ടും ആക്കിയിട്ടുള്ള കള്ളനു കഞ്ഞി വച്ചവന്മാരാണ് ഈ വിഘടനത്തിന് പിന്നിൽ പതിയിരിക്കുന്നതു. സാക്ഷാൽ കുളം കലക്കികൾ. ഇവനെ ഇതോടെ നമ്മൾക്ക് ശരിയാക്കണം. മേലാൽ പൊങ്ങരുത്.

Aniyankunju 2014-01-23 20:55:54 News
Babu Paul has got it all wrong. Devyani absolutely did not do anything wrong or criminal. She had executed a contract with the maid to pay $9.75 per hour on a 40 hour per week basis. She spend much more than that amount for the maid considering all extra expenses such as transportation, cell phone, utilities, cash paid, gifts, things sent to the maid's relatives in India through expatriates visiting india, Rs30K deposited every month in her husband's A/C in India; the maid had two separate rooms for exclusive use; the maid even wrote in her diary with her own handwriting that she was happy and satisfied. Then she asked for permission to work outside to earn extra money, which Devyani denied citing it would be illegal. The maid got advice from some quarters that she will get asylum & Green Card [for all her family members] if she leaves and complain against Devyani. It was the greed of the maid, and her snake-like character that precipitated the whole issue. One day she disappeared and sought help from local authorities. Devyani did the right thing by reporting to the Indian Govt, have her diplomatic passport cancelled, filed a case in the Indian court, reported the truth to US State dept, filed a complaint with New York Police Dept etc. As of this date there are 14 maids working for Indian Diplomats in USA under similar conditions. If anyone of those acts like Devyani's maid we will have similar crisis. Overwhelming majority of political leaders and officials in Washington privately agree that the US acted in the most stupid manner in dealing with the Devyani issue. India reacted in a civilized and graceful manner. Hopefully, the two countries will work out a permanent solution covering all cases involved.
abcd 2014-01-23 20:53:51 News
കോടതിയിൽ ജഡ്ജി വിധിപറയാൻ പോകുന്ന കേസിൽ യൂഡി.എഫും, എൽഡീഎഫും ഒത്തുകളീച്ചു എന്നുപറഞ്ഞ് വാർത്ത എഴുതുന്ന പടുവിഢികളെ ചുമക്കുന്ന എഡിറ്റോറിയൽ ബോർഡിനെ സമ്മതിച്ചേപറ്റു.

അമേരിക്കൻ മലയാളികളെപ്പറ്റി ഇത്രയും വിവരക്കേട് എഴുതികൂട്ടുന്നവരുടെ വിചാരം എന്താണ്?
അമേരിക്കൻ മലയാളി എന്നുപറഞ്ഞാൽ ബുദ്ധിയില്ലാത്ത കഴുത എന്നാണോ?

vaayanakkaaran 2014-01-23 20:51:42 News
ഒരു രാഗത്തിൽ ആരംഭിച്ച് മറ്റു രാഗങ്ങളിലേക്ക് മാറുന്നതിനെ ശാസ്ത്രീയ സംഗീതജ്ഞർ രാഗമാലിക എന്നാണ് വിളിക്കുന്നത്. കേകയിൽ ആരംഭിക്കുന്ന ഈ വൃത്തമാലികയിലെ അടുത്ത വൃത്തം എന്താണാവോ?
Meena Vaidyanathan 2014-01-23 20:34:36 News
Very nice poem. Enjoyed... It's true.
John Varghese 2014-01-23 20:19:53 News
Brilliant comments by Vayanakkaaran and Vidyaadharn. You guys make this column very interesting always
Jack Daniel 2014-01-23 20:10:47 News
And, the idiots never dies!
vaayanakkaaran 2014-01-23 18:23:52 News
അനുഭവം ഗീത ഹൃദയസ്പർശിയായി പറഞ്ഞിരിക്കുന്നു!
josecheripuram 2014-01-23 17:47:58 News
The brave only dies once.