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  1. Breaking News-FBI

    2021-05-03 23:09:25

    A new arrest made by the FBI in relation to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol uncovered a disturbing plot by Trump supporters to “drag” lawmakers out of Congress and fight police officers as they initiate what they call a “civil war” after former President Donald Trump instructed them to march to Capitol Hill to undo his election loss. On Monday, federal agents arrested John Douglas Wright, who made it very clear on text messages that he hadn’t come to the U.S. Capitol on January 6 for a protest. He had come for war. The criminal complaint states that Wright, 54, of Canton, Ohio, was for having engaged in violent conduct at the Capitol riot, lied to the FBI, obstructed Congress and various criminal-entry charges. As has often been the case with the rioters, Wright’s Facebook account provided plenty of evidence, according to the FBI. The FBI affidavit quoted two of Wright’s posts: “TODAY WE TAKE GEORGIA TOMORROW WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK (SOUND FAMILIAR)” “YESTERDAY WAS A PRACTICE RUN” The arrest complaint also claimed that these statements came from a video captioned “Doug Wright was live.” The FBI report said Wright’s voice was confirmed by a witness who knows him. “We are in the house. All we got to do is get the door down now. We’re gonna drag their stupid asses out,” the voice is heard shouting. As well as “Whose house? Our house” and “yeah this is what the inside looks like. We are in our house.” In its arrest complaint, the FBI also revealed Facebook Messenger conversations with various individuals that it had retrieved from Wright’s account. The FBI stated that “Wright reveals his premeditated intent to assault law enforcement officers, breach the US Capitol Building, commit violence on members of Congress, and participate in ‘war.'” Here’s a conservation between Wright and another person identified by the FBI as Individual 1. Wright: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT THE BLUE TOMORROW. FROM WHAT I SEEN TONIGHT THE TEMPERS WILL BE UP TOMORROW AND POLICE LINES WILL BE BREACHED Individual 1: They need to understand that we are serious! I think they will get the point tomorrow. Wright: WE HAVE ENOUGH TO PUSH THRU Individual 1: I’m sure Wright: THE FIRST MISTAKE THEY MAKE IN CHAMBERS WE ARE GOING IN AND DRAG THEM OUT Individual 1: Georgia counties are shutting down again this is bullshit Wright: HOPE I MAKE IT THROUGH Photos included in the arrest report appear to confirm that Wright did indeed make it through. Here’s how the report detailed another conversation, with “Individual 2:” Wright: “War tokorrow (sic) Individual 2: “So what’s next civil war” Wright: 5 million pissed off patriots tomorrow” Wright: First battle Then there was this conversion between Wright and “Individual 3:” Wright: ALMOST WAR TIME Individual 3: Yep! And they are stealing the Georgia runoffs as we speak Wright: I KNOW Wright: THAT WILL BE THE SECOND BATTLEFIELD Individual 3: I believe war begins tomorrow for Trump Wright: FOR US Individual 3: I hope he uses his executive order and arrests them all Wright: ME TOO Individual 3: You know they are gonna sneak through the tunnels instead of coming out of the building. People need to find the tunnel exits and get them. Wright: DONE Wright: ALL PLANNED OUT Individual 3: I knew you was ahead of the game (flexed muscle and thumbs-up emojis) On January 7, Wright sent these texts to “Individual 4,” according to the FBI report: Wright: IT’S FUCKING WAR TIME Wright: NO MORE PROTESTING Also on January 5, there was this exchange with “Individual 5”: Individual 5: I love it. Did you get in? Wright: SET ON NICE BENCH IN ROTUNDA AND HAD A SMOKE Finally, there was exchange with “Individual 6”: Individual 6: Are you guys planning on going back to DC? Wright: LOADED Individual 6: When do you plan on going? Wright: 17th Wright: I THINK WE NEED TO MAKE HOME VISITS On the same day, Wright was interviewed by his hometown newspaper, the Canton Repository. His language was toned down, but not all that much. Here’s part of the newspaper’s report: “As Stark County businessman Doug Wright sees it, patriots stood up for their country and protested peacefully on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol. “We didn’t burn nothing down. We didn’t kill nobody,” Wright said Thursday afternoon. Wright, a Plain Township resident who operates a small shuttle bus company, said he was among nearly 500 Northeast Ohio residents who traveled by bus to attend the protests. They arrived Wednesday morning near the Capitol in time to watch on video President Donald Trump’s speech outside the White House. Wright spent Wednesday in Washington, D.C., before returning home with the caravan. Wright, 54, said he was at the Capitol, but declined to discuss specifics or say if he entered the building. He did quip about being “beaten up by the cops,” but several times said he was part of a peaceful demonstration. Patriots are working to regain control of the country, said Wright, adding that both major political parties are corrupt. “They just want control,” Wright said of Republican and Democrats. “We’re fighting corruption.” Wright said he still is catching up on news reports about Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol. The protest has been described as a riot, but Wright disagrees. He acknowledged the protesters pushed and pushed, then entered the Capitol building. “But now we’re called criminals?” he said. The Capitol is owned by the people of the United States, and while elected officials use the building “it’s our office,” he said. “We run this country, not them. They work for us.” The protesters aren’t finished, Wright said. He said he’s seen that more protests are planned for Jan. 17 near the Capitol. “It’s not about overthrowing the government. It’s about creating a new party,” Wright said. He believes a patriot party would outnumber the Democrats and Republicans. Patriots are sick of being cheated, Wright said. “Yesterday wasn’t the end. Yesterday was the first battle of the war. I promise you.” You can read the FBI criminal complaint here.

  2. വാർത്തകൾ ചുരുക്കത്തിൽ: 1] Trump Supporter Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud, Blames COVID ‘Lockdown’ For His Crime. A Pennsylvania man who pleaded guilty to committing voter fraud in favor of Trump during the 2020 election is blaming the COVID lockdown and too much right-wing propaganda for his crime. On Friday, 70-year-old Bruce Bartman, of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, admitted to casting an illegal ballot for Trump by using his dead mother’s name. Bartman admitted that he registered both deceased women as Republicans in August, and apologized for his actions. “I was isolated last year in lockdown,” Bartman told Judge George Pagano, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I listened to too much propaganda and made a stupid mistake,” he added. He pleaded guilty to two felony counts of perjury and one count of unlawful voting after investigators discovered that he used the driver’s license of his dead mother to register her to vote online, and filled out an absentee ballot in her name. 2] The Justice Department and several federal judges are warning that Trump’s continued promotion of the “big lie” about the 2020 election could still incite his followers to violence, CNN report. As courts weigh the future dangerousness of US Capitol riot defendants, two federal judges this week brought up the disinformation about 2020 from right-wing figures, and even Trump himself, as they considered keeping alleged Capitol rioters in jail before trial. According to the news network, prosecutors from the Justice Department are warning that violent threats stemming from Trump-backed conspiracy theories are still alive, and that Trump supporters could be called to act again. 3] A day after federal prosecutors executed a search warrant on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment, a frantic Trump took to Fox News to whine about the raid by federal agents on his former lawyer’s place, calling it “very unfair” and claiming “I don’t know what they’re looking for.” “Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot. He just loves this country, and they raid his apartment,” Trump told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria” early Thursday. “It’s like so unfair and…it’s like a double standard like I don’t think anybody’s ever seen before,” he continued. “It’s very, very unfair. Rudy is a patriot who loves this country.” 4] Allies of Trump are feeling uneasy about what could come their way after federal agents raided an apartment and office belonging to former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, sources close to Trump revealed. Citing a Trump adviser, CNN reported that “the raid ignited a sense of fear inside the former President’s orbit that Justice Department officials may be more willing to pursue investigations of the 45th president or his inner circle than many Trump allies had previously believed.”

  3. Mary Ninan.V

    2021-05-02 16:56:33

    GOP Seeks to Empower Poll Watchers, Raising Intimidation Worries. HOUSTON — The red dot of a laser pointer circled downtown Houston on a map during a virtual training of poll watchers by the Harris County Republican Party. It highlighted densely populated, largely Black, Latino and Asian neighborhoods. “This is where the fraud is occurring,” a county Republican official said falsely in a leaked video of the training, which was held in March. A precinct chair in the northeastern, largely white suburbs of Houston, he said he was trying to recruit people from his area “to have the confidence and courage” to act as poll watchers in the circled areas in upcoming elections. A question at the bottom corner of the slide indicated just how many poll watchers the party wanted to mobilize: “Can we build a 10K Election Integrity Brigade?” As Republican lawmakers in major battleground states seek to make voting harder and more confusing through a web of new election laws, they are simultaneously making a concerted legislative push to grant more autonomy and access to partisan poll watchers — citizens trained by a campaign or a party and authorized by local election officials to observe the electoral process. This effort has alarmed election officials and voting rights activists alike. There is a long history of poll watchers being used to intimidate voters and harass election workers, often in ways that target Democratic-leaning communities of color and stoke fears that have the overall effect of voter suppression. During the 2020 election, President Donald Trump’s campaign repeatedly promoted its “army” of poll watchers as he publicly implored supporters to venture into heavily Black and Latino cities and hunt for voter fraud.

  4. Jacob

    2021-05-02 14:02:59

    With an open mind I will ask this: Name one piece of legislation the republicans have signed into law that improved your life.. Why is still trump spreading false news that election was fraud and he won. Why he is not in Jail?. He is telling the lie he will run again in 2024 and foolish trumpers are still donating to him.

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