ECHOES OF ACHE (An Anthology of poems by Sushama Nair)



Reviewed by Prof. Sreedevi Krishnan, California, USA)

Though Sushama's poetry was published and well- received before, this is the first time it appears as an Anthology. So, I consider it’s a privilege to welcome her to the readers’ world.

 This Anthology of poems, aptly titled “Echoes of Aches'  deal with   !the poetess' experiences with her spiritual Guru,Baba,Raghavendra swamy ,her mother ,Father, her sheltered life and also cocooned life etc .in other  words ,we get  a glimpse  of her life's journey  through her poems.

To be successful in the life’s journey one should endure the pain and turn our losses into gains. For that, a poetess has to write from the heart and her success depends on influencing and inspiring the readers.

The poetess has sectioned her poems from ‘The greatest gift’ to ‘Some Dedications’ .While 'The greatest gift’ is about the glory of motherhood,  ‘Metamorphosis’ is the blossoming of the child into a little girl and later into womanhood

There is a reference of Sushama’s meeting with her ‘Spiritual Guru’, Baba, Raghavendra Swamy and his tremendous influence on her coming out of her ‘cocoon’. Sushama feels that this Anthology is the outcome of her meeting with Raghavendra swamy.She thanks him for his guidance and blessings..

 Sushama portrays her mother as 'Heaven's greatest gift’. No doubt, a mother is the breathing image of God and she pays glorious tributes to her mother.

In ' Dad's little princess' she writes about her protective father’s love and her sheltered life .But her idyll comes to an end by the most unexpected death of her father. She was so devastated that
Even wished her father had taken her along with him. Ever since her father's passing away, she was wrapped up in a cocoon. Slowly but surely the poetess emerges out of 'the cocoon'

Life's journey should be navigated skillfully through joys and sorrow. Slowly but surely she learns to accept pain and pleasure with equanimity

‘Life’s Best Moments’, The Academic high’ nobody knows’ indicates the poetess' happier frame of mind. ‘Some Dedications’ has emotional appeal .Dr Sushama’s poems represent the story of a woman in the present era.

But, before I close let me give my sincere feelings toward her Anthology.

As William Wordsworth  says " poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful  feelings" But,  often I feel that the 'spontaneous outflow' is missing .And  Her  poems are cliche- ridden.

I give here a few of the many examples: "'follow your dream', light in the end of tunnel'  ' leaving foot prints on the sands of Time’ gathering dust and grief' etc. Actually the frequent using of cliches make the poems rather forced, labored and even fabricated. With the few flaws Sushama is still delightfully readable. I do congratulate for her efforts and wish her success in all her literay ventures.

In the final analysis I don't think I have done full justice as I could give readers only a glimpse at the Echoes of Aches. Actually, you have to read it to understand it fully

By asking you to read this Anthology, I am only taking you to a smorgasbord and the grander finale' pudding’. The readers are sure invitees, not gate crashers.
So, please participate in it and judge for yourself after all as they say the "proof of pudding is in the eating”. Right?

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  1. sherry

    2021-09-15 14:43:54

    I am unable to see the poems

  2. Sushma Nair

    2021-08-27 15:10:51

    Thank you Mam for the review of anthology. My very sincere and heartfelt gratitude for giving your valuable time n guidance.....I always considered myself an accidental poet.... I am overwhelmed reading your review.... Thanks mam

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