Love, Love Me Do! (Dylan’s Anthem) -chetana

Published on 04 November, 2021
Love, Love Me Do! (Dylan’s Anthem) -chetana
Love, love me do,
When you say that, I do too!
You say, we’ll be true?
Then please, please make it Meg Ryan,
And the Chopra girl too!!
Boo, ho, hoo!
Love me do!

Some one to love,
 B-Joe, Harris,Tru,
The White House has too
Have somebody true!

Back home, we love you!
Coz it’s  Danteras, Diwali, too!
Asian, hungry, true,
It’s low-brow Corona Diwali too
So we love you too,
We do,
We love you true! Yeeah!

(Specially for Anna Mathews, to be sung in love , as in: love, me, do!)

Limpid your eyes,
Don’t say I didn’t tell you

മലയാളത്തില്‍ ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക