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ഫ്രെണ്ട്‌സ് ഫോര്‍ഏവര്‍ (കഥ)-ഡോ.മേജര്‍ നളിനി ജനാര്‍ദ്ദനന്‍

ഡോ.മേജര്‍ നളിനി ജനാര്‍ദ്ദനന്‍ Published on 30 October, 2012
ഫ്രെണ്ട്‌സ് ഫോര്‍ഏവര്‍ (കഥ)-ഡോ.മേജര്‍ നളിനി ജനാര്‍ദ്ദനന്‍



                                                      -Dr.(Major)Nalini Janardhanan

            It was a sunny day. Reshmi glanced  at her watch and tried to rush up her surfing of the internet. It is such a boring life. The same monotony of going to school, doing homework, playing, having meals, studying and sleeping. I am sick of this life. Dad is busy with his business. Mom is busy with her patients. I am feeling so lonely. I should also have some break – She thought.

      Reshmi is the only daughter of her parents. She is from a rich family. Though she is born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she yearned for love and care in her life. She had domestic servants to look after her. Her parents showered her with gifts and fashionable dresses. Other students used to envy her. She never had any unfulfilled desire in life. She gets a good amount as pocket  money every month. Her parents always tried to keep her happy and contented. But she missed their presence. She gets disappointed to find that her parents were never there to share her beautiful moments in school life. Though they promise to come, they could never make it to the Annual Day Celebrations or the Parent – Teacher meets.“Sorry darling! I was doing an operation” – Mummy may explain.“I am really sorry, honey! You know? I was the organizer of an International conference” – Dad’s explanation…Gradually she adjusted herself to her dull and colourless life. How she wished that she were born in a middleclass family like some of her classmates. Their parents are always available to them to share their joys and sorrows. They may not be able to afford luxuries but they are happy in their small world.


            She wiped tears from her eyes. The 10 year old girl badly needed a best friend. Someone who can share her feelings, chat with her and be  a part of her life. She thought of starting a friendship through the internet.


            “Hi! I am Reshmi! I would like to make friends. Anybody who is interested may kindly contact me” – she flashed a message adding about her hobbies along with her address and telephone number in Delhi. After a few days she was overwhelmed with joy when she got a response to her message. It was Harish, a 11 year old boy from Hyderabad. Their friendship continued, through emails. They exchanged


photographs also. She found Harish to be a warm and  friendly  person  with  lot  of  compassion  and  love  for  other human beings. Harish was glad to know that Reshmi is a nice, loving girl full of fun and innocence. Time passed by.

      They did not realise when their friendship developed into a deeper attachment.“Why can’t we meet each other?” They wondered. Ultimately they arranged a meeting at Hyderabad. Now Reshmi is 18 yrs and Harish 19 year old. They were eager to meet each other.


            “Your attention please! This Indian Airlines flight is going to land now in Hyderabad. Please, fasten your seatbelts. Thank you. Have a nice day”- The air hostess announced.

     “I am here, Harish!”- Reshmi wanted to scream with joy. She reached Hyderabad.Collecting her things she walked along the corridors of Airport and reached the  lobby. Reshmi was full of excitement when she searched for her friend.

  “Hello Reshmi”, she turned to see who is calling her.“Hi! I’m Harish”,- She could not hide her pleasant surprise when she met the handsome boy. But her smile turned into tears when she noticed his paralyzed legs. The boy was on wheel chair!

     Harish remembered the car accident which took away his father and made him paralyzed. How could he forget the incident which is like a nightmare of his life. Tears fell down his cheeks. Nobody would like to see me. Why this happened to me only? God, why this curse is given to me? – Harish could not control his tears.“I am sorry Reshmi, I am handicapped. I don’t know why I did not tell you this before. Probably it is due to my selfishness. I did not want to lose my best friend, that is you! Please forgive me. I promise not to meet you again if you don’t like me” – Harish told her in a sad and shy voice.


            Reshmi did not say a single word. She held his hands in her own hands. The soft but firm grip confirmed her feelings towards him, which is beyond all handicaps and disabilities.


ഫ്രെണ്ട്‌സ് ഫോര്‍ഏവര്‍ (കഥ)-ഡോ.മേജര്‍ നളിനി ജനാര്‍ദ്ദനന്‍
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