3600 sqft Luxury Home on one Acre of Land in Kanjirapally for Sale



3600 sqft Luxury Home on one Acre of Land in Kanjirapally for Sale

Traditional Kerala architecture home renovoated into a luxury home with all modern facilities. Well positioned on a large one acre plot in a prime location on Kajirappally-Erumely Road.  500 feet of road frontage. Excellent curb appeal.

Total built up area of the house is 3,600 Sq ft home with 4 bedrooms, 4 bath rooms, large porch, living room, dining room, dressing room, prayer room, kitchen, and work area. All doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, dining room furniture and shelves are handcrafted from teakwood. Both interior and exterior were renovated with modern design concept to give a luxurious feel to the home. The home is surrounded by lush lawn with a garden and a wide variety of organic fruit trees, herbal plants and yieiding rubber trees. There is a natural spring that runs along one side of the property. Quiet neighorhood with great ambiance and clean air.

The property also has two detached storage sheds totalling 600 sqft,  a servants’ quarters and a detached bathroom. There is sufficient land area and frontage to subdivide the plot to build one more house for investment purposes.


Key location for future growth and value appreciation: The property is located only 7 Miles from newly proposed Erumely International Airport,  1 Mile from Amal Jyothi Engineering College, 1.5 Miles to Mary Queens Mission Hospital and 5 miles to Kanjirapally town.

If interested please call 571-776-7934 or 917-562-6329 or 571-246-6130 or email


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