ഇടുക്കി അണക്കെട്ടാണോ വില്ലൻ? (അമേരിക്കൻ തരികിട-199)

Published on 19 October, 2021
ഇടുക്കി അണക്കെട്ടാണോ വില്ലൻ? (അമേരിക്കൻ തരികിട-199)
CAPITOL ATTACK 2021-10-20 15:32:49
trump Was ‘Personally Involved In The Planning And Execution’ Of Attack On US Capitol. Steve Bannon’s refusal to cooperate in the investigation of the 6 January Capitol attack by terrorist trumplicans suggests that Donald Trump “was personally involved in the planning and execution”. The Wyoming Republican, who is the committee’s vice-chair and one of two Republicans serving on it, said their investigation has shown that Mr Bannon “appears” to have had “substantial advance knowledge of the plans for January 6th and likely had an important role in formulating those plans.” “Mr. Bannon was in the war room at the Willard on January 6th. He also appears to have detailed knowledge regarding the President’s efforts to sell millions of Americans the fraud that the election was stolen,” said Cheney, according to CNN.
Our Innocent Leader 2021-10-20 23:06:23
TRUE & INNOCENT our trump:-rump-loving Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, of Nebraska, has been indicted on charges of lying to the FBI about illegal campaign contributions, and Donald Trump is not happy at all. The former president issued a rambling statement Tuesday night responding to the criminal indictment: “Isn’t it terrible that a Republican Congressman from Nebraska just got indicted for possibly telling some lies to investigators about campaign contributions, when half of the United States Congress lied about made up scams, and when Mark Zuckerberg, in my opinion a criminal, is allowed to spend $500 million and therefore able to change the course of a presidential election, and nothing happens to them,” Trump said in a 63-word sentence beginning the statement from his Save America PAC. He added; “Comey lied, Schiff lied, Crooked Hillary lied, McCabe lied, the two lovers, Peter and Lisa, lied. They all lied having to do with Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, because they knew it was a SCAM—and they made up fairy tales about me knowing how badly it would hurt the U.S.A.—and nothing happens to them. Is there no justice in our country?. Dear trumpan malayalees! our leader is in big trouble. booby, jacob, john, toam pls. help our one and only true leadr
DALLAS MORNING NEWS 2021-10-21 15:39:31
FROM DALLAS:Following Donald’s Trump defeat in the 2020 election, Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went all MAGA as he pushed Trump’s claim that the election was stolen from Trump, he decided to offer a hefty bounty for evidence of voter fraud. This week, he finally handed out his first reward —to an unexpected recipient. But in a twist of irony, The Dallas Morning News reports that “instead of going to an informant who smoked out fraud by Democrats, Patrick’s five-figure payout went to a progressive poll worker in Pennsylvania whose tip led to a single conviction of illegal voting by a registered Republican.” As noted by The News, the case “undercuts unsubstantiated GOP concerns that widespread voter fraud helped hand the White House to Joe Biden.” The news outlet also cited a report by The Philadelphia Inquirer stating that “in Pennsylvania, a state that was central in Trump’s attempts to overthrow the election, around five cases of voter fraud from last year’s election have been prosecuted, four involved Republicans. The tipster, Eric Frank —a Democrat— told the Dallas Morning News that he would have turned in anyone he saw voting illegally regardless of party. But also acknowledged the irony of the situation. “It’s my belief that they were trying to get cases of Democrats doing voter fraud. And that just wasn’t the case,” Frank said, according to The News. “This kind of blew up in their face.” Read it at The Dallas Morning News.
Law & order Party? 2021-10-23 16:06:57
Party of Traitors & terrorists?-The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying a subpoena issued by the Jan. 6 Select Committee. The vote fell largely along party lines, with every Democrat who voted approving the resolution, and all but a handful of Republicans voting against it. Still they claim law and order party. so far those who got arrested for terrorism are republicans.
Why again in 2024 2021-10-24 13:00:52
Why is trmp trying to run in 2024? is it to avoid arrest? is to raise money to payoff his debts?. maybe booby cherian,sam,jacob,tom team might know. Throughout his epic, scandal-ridden career, Donald Trump has compiled an astonishing record of impunity, constantly staying one jump ahead of prosecutors, plaintiffs and creditors. He is the only president to be impeached twice, and acquitted twice by the votes of Republican senators. He spent almost three years under investigation for what looked like collusion with Russia, only to walk away scot-free. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, went to prison for paying hush money to an adult entertainer known as Stormy Daniels, but “Individual-1,” the man who ordered him to write the check, was never held accountable. That record of escapes would make Houdini envious. But Trump remains under the gun. He's still in search of escape routes. A House committee is examining his attempts to overturn last year’s presidential election, including his actions when a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. A prosecutor in Georgia is investigating whether he violated state law against soliciting election fraud when he demanded that officials “find 11,780 votes” — the number he needed to undo Joe Biden’s victory in that state. And prosecutors in New York are looking into allegations that Trump, or at least the closely held family business he runs, committed tax and bank fraud. But don’t count him out.
STUPIDITY 2021-10-24 16:01:36
"Why is trmp trying to run in 2024?" Because he wants to restore the integrity of the United States we all enjoyed while he was the president. If the last ten months don't open your eyes, you have a medical problem you writer. Seek help. Have you been to the gas station lately? What about the crime rates? What about the flow of illegals to this country? Well, these are only the tip of the iceberg. Do you want to "ENJOY" the next 3+ years under the same administration? Learn to see things in the right perspective. You can't do that until you see a good physician. So, do that first before you start writing non sense again. I cannot call you "moron" because it is against the E malayalee guidelines.
JAN 6TH ATTACK 2021-10-25 20:42:05
JAN 6 ATTACK-A new bombshell report published by RollingStone is naming several congressional Republicans as”co-conspirators” in Donald Trump’s attempt to usurp the presidency by unleashing a mob of supporters into the capitol to force then-Vice President Mike Pence to annul the 2020 election which was won by Democrat Joe Biden. Citing three sources with knowledge of the planning, the news outlet detailed “explosive allegations that multiple members of Congress were intimately involved in planning both Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss and the Jan. 6 events that turned violent.” The lawmakers named by the sources include Reps Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) Paul Gosar (R-AZ) Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Mo Brooks (R-AL), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Louie Gohmert (R-TX). The sources told RollingStone that the MAGA lawmakers participated in “dozens of planning briefings ahead of that day when Trump supporters broke into the Capitol as his election loss to President Joe Biden was being certified.” Rep. Paul Gosar reportedly brought up the prospect of a “blanket pardon” to encourage them to plan the protests, one source told RollingStone. Along with the Trump-loving lawmakers, witnesses named several members of Trump’s team, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who “played a major role” in the conversations surrounding the insurrection, and Katrina Pierson, who worked for Trump’s campaign in 2016 and 2020, “as a key liaison between the organizers of protests against the election and the White House.” According to the report, the witnesses “plan to present to the committee allegations about how these demonstrations were funded and to detail communications between organizers and the White House. Read it at RollingStone.
MULLAPPERIYAR in USA 2021-10-26 13:17:23
Mullapperiyar in USA: WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday rejected another executive privilege request by former President Donald Trump over documents sought by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. In a letter obtained by NBC News, White House counsel Dana Remus told the National Archives that President Joe Biden has determined that Trump's effort to keep a new batch of Jan. 6 records out of Congress' hands "is not in the best interests of the United States." She added, "Accordingly, President Biden does not uphold the former President's assertion of privilege." CNN first reported the letter. Trump sued last week to block the Jan. 6 committee — seven Democrats and two Republican — from obtaining the first batch of documents from the archives. The lawsuit argues that the committee has no power of investigation and that therefore its subpoena is invalid. Trump also insisted that the records are protected by executive privilege. The House committee requested documents in March and August from the archives that it said were related to the previous administration's actions before, during and after the January riot, when a group of Trump's supporters attacked the building in hope of blocking his electoral defeat. After those requests, Trump notified the archives that he was formally asserting executive privilege. Biden, however, concluded that the privilege should not apply in this instance. Remus wrote in an Oct. 8 letter that the documents "shed light on events within the White House on and about January 6 and bear on the Select Committee's need to understand the facts underlying the most serious attack on the operations of the Federal government since the Civil War." Biden administration officials have said they plan to consider the requests from the committee case by case. Run out and help your hero you trumpan malayalees. Avalanches of fraud and treason are coming towards trump. He is running but how long and how far?
Ban Him permanently 2021-10-27 11:22:30
A Capitol-riot suspect from Buffalo, New York, who's been indicted on a number of charges related to the January 6 attack wrote a letter to a judge criticizing former President Donald Trump. Thomas Sibick is accused of assaulting Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone. In his letter to Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Sibick wrote that Trump "is not a leader and should be ostracized from any political future, what he honestly needs to do is go away!" The deadly January 6 insurrection was a "disgrace to our nation that left a scar Trump is ultimately responsible for," Sibick wrote.
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