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New year 2016 Greetings and -New year Message (Dr A.SreekumarMenon)

Published on 28 December, 2015
New year 2016 Greetings and -New year Message (Dr A.SreekumarMenon)
The Grand New Year 2016 is going to usher in soon. At the outset, let me wish you from the bottom of my heart the very best in your life during the year, making it memorable in every sense. Let us welcome the New Year with open arms not just with partying and entertainment, but with an attitude of benevolence and sense of hope and determination to make  our  life wholesome. Let us pray that the New-year is free from all the negative/ destructive/annihilative  tendencies , witnessed last year  at the individual , family, community , national and global levels and that  it is an year of constructive actions ,peaceful co-existence and happy and zestful life .Let righteousness, justice , integrity and transparency  govern every action. Let this New year be exceptional in material prosperity ,the realization of human potential for the good of all  and in harmonious living , Let people lead a life with the spirit of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man .Let  people in the world live like ‘Loka Manava’ or world citizen without the shackles created by man. Let man raise up to the nobility of human race, which took  billions of years to move from subhuman existence, to be endowed with higher intellect and discriminative knowledge .Let us be proud of rare human birth and heritage. Let us raise above all those ficiparious tendencies that divide us and strengthen the bond of human relationships by love, mutual trust, cooperation and unified efforts to create a better tomorrow. Let us realize our responsibility to hand over this planet earth,  to our future generation with all its treasures. Let us realize that  we don’t own the planet earth nor it is our permanent Residence. We have borrowed it from the past generation  for our camp life  to be handed over to our future generation in the same way and in the same condition, with which  our ancestors passed on to us and made us trustees . Mother earth with all its bounty  is the gift of God and it is our duty to keep it as ‘kamadhenu’ or source of ever meeting our needs,  not greed. Let us  destroy the real enemies  which are with in us  such as ‘Kama, kroda, Lobha, Mooha, Mada, Mathslrya’ , meaning  lust , anger, miserliness or the tendency to  accumulate more and more, desires, self-aggrandizement, destructive/ cut throat  competition rather than others  whom we  wrongly  perceive as our enemies .   Let us uphold our values of  ‘satya or truth, ‘dharma’ or righteousness , ‘prema’ or love , ‘santhi ‘or peace and ‘ahima’ or non-violence. Which are the edifices of timeless Indian culture and traditions and bacons of light to humanity who are ailing under ‘Avidhya’ or ignorance. Let s realize that in this vast universe, we are no body and only instruments of Almighty, so be humble in our life and not with any self assumption. Let us perform every act with worshipful attitude and make every ‘karma’ as ‘ Karmayoga’. Let us not become a ‘Bogi’ meaning who indulges in material comforts with out any limit, on the other hand let us become ‘Thyagi’ or yogi meaning  who practices self-restraint, from running after  glitters of worldly pleasures,  the very nature of which  is fleeting followed by  awful sorrows. Let us develop the ‘care and share ‘attitude.  Let the reservoir of our inner energy surge out in constructive actions, without getting dissipated in malevolent and frivolous activities. Let us all be the masters rather than slaves or victims of outside inducements of pleasures. Let us not chase outside pleasures like fireflies attracted by flame rushes to court with blazing fire and get destroyed. Let us make love  and care as universal practice and build up  a world Religion in which all  the major religions are like petals of a flower that share the bewitching colors and aroma  and gift to the world  Let us use the marvels of Science and Technology to serve man and not harm him in the name of development . Let us fight against our common enemies of hunger, sickness, inequality, hatred, jealousy, exploitations and such evils.

Let our aspirations for achieving perfections in human life sour higher and higher goals   matched by hard work, dedication to the goals and persistence in our efforts till goals are reached.  Let us make heaven, the so-called  ‘kingdom of God ‘ on this very earth .

Let the New-year 2016 which would usher in shortly be a glorious year in every sense , for the individuals, families, communities, , nations and comity of nation – in short for the world as a whole-a new era of hope, tolerance, compassion , peace and prosperity  Let our enthusiasm to take our country forward in the path of development be fuelled by  past successes , our unflinching faith in altruism, self-confidence , iron will and love towards our motherland or patriotism . Let us ask ourselves what we can give rather than we  can get .Let us lay the foundation  for the birth of a new  and unprecedented world order, where there are no boundaries between people and nations. Let us do everything check warming of earth that would lead to  major catastophies and devastation of human race itself . Let us work together towards achieving those goals for the humanity, which is the king and crown of God’s creations. Let our great epic saying ‘Vasudeva kudumbakam’ meaning let the world at large be an extended family’ come true both in letter and spirit, as an out come of our  sincere efforts . We can make it . It is in our hands.

New year 2016 Greetings and -New year Message (Dr A.SreekumarMenon)
മലയാളത്തില്‍ ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക