Man: evolution or creation? (Ninan Mathullah)

Published on 22 March, 2016
Man: evolution or creation? (Ninan Mathullah)
Generally we all have strong convictions of varioustypes. As our knowledge and experience change, these convictions do change. We must have renewed many of our convictions of the past several times by this time.  What we considered as irrevocable facts once gets rewritten in the light of the new knowledge and experiences. This is true with scholars and scientists as well, who are considered as authorities in their field of knowledge.Based on the new knowledge and experiences scientists bring in relevant changes to their theories and teachings, which have been accepted till then.

If this is the situation of the things which can be searched and discovered what would be the situation of philosophical matters which are hidden and not fully revealed?

This writer once believed that there is God but was not really convinced about it. After acquiring a little bit of knowledge through the study of evolution theoryI dilly dallied with the belief that there is no God.

Writers and thinkers are to give guidance to people on all subjects which influence human life here. In their effort to provide guidance there is hardly any writer who has not faced the question, where did we come from?

The real knowledge is to know ourselves. Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How long shall we be here? What is the purpose of our being here? What are the ways to reach the goal? To have answer for these questions is real knowledge. The goal of life must be to set life straight according to this knowledge. If one does not have a clear knowledge of the destination and the way to reach there he/she will be wandering around without reaching anywhere.

Who are we really? How did we happen to be here? Did we come out of monkey through thousands of years of evolutionary process as some scientists claim? Even those who teach such theories do not know whether these teachings are true or not. These are certain theories propounded by so-called scientists in the garb of science. Science implies that to be scientific, it should be tested and proved in a laboratory. We can say that the theories of evolution are the creative imaginations of certain people and there is nothing scientific about it.

It is anaccepted philosophy and unbreakable rule of scientists that there is no effect without a cause. Scientists are attempting hard to find out the cause behind an effect. Evolution theory has nothing to tell about the origin of elements from which matter derived. They argue that elements were turned into compounds from which lifeoriginated. But the fact is that there are no answers for several questions that arise in the process. Once a teacher who was explaining the theory of evolution in a biology class opined that there is no choice other than to believe that God created elements. We have to agree that if God created elements he can form life without the help of the theories of evolution by these so-called scientists.

These theories have been formed not on the basis of unchangeable proven scientific standards. For example, when you say that the length of an object is 10cm and a particular duration is one hour, we reach the conclusion with the comparison to a specific standard. But in evolutiontheory, chronology is done on the basis of certain hypothetical inferences because of the lack of proper standards to compare the claims of age period or to prove antiquity. For example, to say that an object is 10,000 years old, there should be a object as old as 10,000 years old. Antiquity calculated need to be by the comparison to this standard. Since such standards are not available, it is not possible to say that these theories are true or not. Carbon dating is developed on the basis of certain assumptions as real standards are not available.

The reason why many teachings considered as scientific and true were proved wrong in recent timesis because of the unscientific nature of the so-called scientific studies. For example, to know the influence of an object on human body, scientists keep under control everything related to it except the object of study and, then they measure the effects which the object makes on the body. But it has become commonpractice that soon the conclusions had to be rewritten because scientists are not sure about all the variables affecting the study and varied types of responses the same object produces on different men.

Big bang theory, or an explosion which was said to be happened in the beginning, was put forward by some of these so called scientists. It may be said that there is nothing scientific about the theory other than it is a day dream. They don't have any clear answer for the reason for the explosion or the source of the origin of its matter.

We often see explosions in our daily life. After the explosion if you look around there won't be any order but chaos. To think and believe that millions of stars and constellations fell on the correct orbits naturally just after the big bang is possible only for those who turn a blind eye to the truth.

Then, if man was formed through evolution, humans must have been formed by evolution from different parts of the earth at the same time as there were suitable conditions existed in many places. Butscience agrees that all human beings on the earth today were born from the same parents.

As many peoplethink science is not beyond the dominion of God. The scientific discoveries and inventions had been formulated by God before creation. Just as prophets are being chosen to reveal religious truths, from time to time God chose some individuals, whom we call scientists, to reveal scientific truths. Scientific truths have been gradually revealed through them.

If we compare the modern age with the Old Testament times of the Bible character Abraham who lived about 2000 years before Jesus, it was primitive. No living conveniences of today were available then. Why the inventions and discoveries of today were not made then, although the DNA which is the basis of our intellect was the same as in them and in us? Is it not proper to think that God did not reveal it in that age?

It is a fact that evolution is happening in the nature. Creations go through the process of evolution as per circumstances. That doesn't mean that they were not created. It is not possible to search and find the details as the full information about the Creation is hidden. Still, if you want to reason, scientists agree that matter can be turned into energy and energy can be turned back into matter. Is it impossible for God who is the supreme source of energy to create the universe by turning energy into matter?

When discussing about creation one hear arguments that God created homosexuals with that orientation. There is no fact in it other than that it is propaganda. No homosexual gene has been discovered yet.

Many are experts in closing their eyes to make it dark. We close our eyes occasionally to unpleasant truths. For sake of our self-interests, many of us don't hesitate to believe it and spread it. Some children due to their rebellious nature take vicarious pleasure in saying opposite things about subjects believed to be true and holy by parents. Even some adults are not free from this misconception of the mind. Generally, if we don't like a person or a movement we may not like anything related to that person or the movement. If a Republicans is the enemy of one person he may take the side of the Democrats even when he is ignorant of the core difference between the two parties. If one believes in God the other may act as an atheist. They take an inner pleasure in hurting the enemy. Also there are lots of people who think that the belief in God is obsolete and to have a sophisticated outlook one needs to be an atheist.

If men are not afraid of consequences, they won't hesitate to do anything immoral. It is the fear of consequence that prevents us from breaking secular and religious laws. If a person's belief in God is removed he can be easily manipulated to do any heinous act. Many spread atheism with this intention. These kinds of thoughts will not make any change on truth. Truth will prevail as truth forever. That person's belief alone may be changed.

To search and find the truth is the responsibility of each one of us. A large chunk of people would not bother to think about truth. They admit that they do not know what the truth is. They are not interested to know the truth either. They are called as agnostics. They concentrate their focus on the attractive and enchanting objects in this life journey, and keep moving on.

Many profess atheism because of their present lifestyle. They don't want to change that lifestyle. The reason for some people to say that there is no God is their unanswered prayers. God hears prayers but they don't want to know the reason why God didn't answer a prayer as they expect.

Yet another group asks, if there is a God why doesn't appear to me. It is better God does not appear to them in the manner that they imagine. If I share with my friends and relatives that God appeared to me, it may cause suspicion, and I may be subjected to close scrutiny. The news can spread like wildfire. Most of my friends will keep a distance from me. Eventually I may be admitted to a mental hospital. So, even if God appeared to you do not tell it to everybody.

Evidences of God's existence are visible in the nature. For anything there must be a reason behind it. Without a cause no effect (nature) can occur. The nature itself displays its creator or designer behind it. Without speech or words nature proclaims it. Those who close their eyes and make it dark only cannot see it.

If a person wants to see the Creator behind creations he doesn't need a particular religion. Even today some tribes do not have a particular religion or a written law. But God reveals himself to them through the nature. Right and wrong are conveyed to them through their conscience and they live according to that.

As J.C. Dev says, "God-fear and God-awareness, these words are written down in human hearts. That's the reason why he is searching for God and thinking about God. The first thing imprinted in man's heart was God, an awareness of God's existence. God is there, that's the reason for it. If God was not there, the thought of God would not have come into man in the first place. God has become a personal awareness for man. The thought of atheism and the word itself came later in man's mind. Only after suppressing the first lesson of God's existence can atheism stand up. That's why even in the midst of a speech the atheist interjects unknowingly, 'oh, God.' Atheism takes the help of 'science.' Which science has proved that there is no God? Which invention has been made in the sphere of science to disprove the existence of God?  The truth is this, atheism cannot be proved scientifically."

Dr. Albert Einstein wrote: "Science without religion is lame." Charles Darwin, the originator of evolution theory was not an atheist. Stephen Hawking too concur that science could not prove the origin of the universe. Both the evolution and big bang theories are waiting 'outside the range of science without approval. A person would not receive a rational mind and rational thinking just because he has membership in a rationalistic organization. Rational mind and rational thinking are part of the God-fearing which was formed in the mind of the created man by the Creator God. This awareness would not lead a thoughtful man to denial or meaninglessness but to existence. Rational mind would do well to man but not the so called rationalism. There is a slogan that rationalists believe in only scientific things and things which science can prove. Atheism is the dream of a rationalist. On what basis is a rationalist follow atheism which has not been proved by science? The bombastic claim of a rationalist that discovery has been made, even when science still continue its search, is it due to ignorance or pride?

A truth seeker usually encounters diverse school of thoughts, systems and concepts while he progresses in search of the truth. All of them lead him to different levels of the truth.

Man always attempted to know God directly even beyond the revelations of the nature. God has given the desire to know God in all minds. In a sense, all religions that we see today are the result of that search- man's search and God's intervention in that search.

God has revealed himself to different peoples groups through different prophets of religion. There were theological differences according to place, time and culture in these revelations. But the rules to follow in relationship to other living creatures were almost the same. All religions almost agree in the dos and don'ts of matters related to leading the life here, and our conduct towards fellow beings. It is possible to see subtle differences in this according to place, time and culture. It is true that over the ages many customs crept into all religions which were not originally given by the prophets. The knowledge about God had come through different religious prophets in a step-by-step process. Therefore one can see the phenomenon of one religion giving way to another religion in history. It was not the Hinduism as it is practiced today the religion that Dravidians, the first inhabitants of India practiced. Religious conversion is being politicized today.

Considering the limited knowledge and technology of the ancient people, God revealed himself to them through stories which they could understand. Remember the creation stories in the book of Genesis.

None of the religious books were written to teach people scientific truths or history. Imagine the time when people experienced the shape of the earth as flat and there come prophets declaring that the earth is round. They wouldn't have believed the words of prophets because the technology and knowledge had not been developed enough to prove that the earth is round and not flat. Still, the prophet recorded in bible that the earth is round and it is suspended on nothing. The Bible was not written to teach science or history but it is not proved as to contain anything which contradicts science or history. Often figurative or literary usage style is interpreted as contradictions.

After studying several religious books, this author believes that the Bible is the religious book which stands most high in the area of God's revelation of himself. It is true that threads of truth are in all religious texts. Everyone may not have the same revelation. Each one will receive a deserving revelation as part of his search.

Now a reasonable question may arise in the minds of readers. If all what is said above is true, who created God? Our knowledge about God is limited to what God has revealed to us. There is no way to find out what secret goes in the minds of readers unless they shared it with others. In the same way God has hidden certain things about himself. It is impossible to search and find because it is beyond our knowledge and also it is not revealed.

All major religions are from God although there are subtle differences in theology. So in this age of religious intolerance one should learn to respect all religions. The thought that my faith and tradition or culture is the most excellent one comes from superiority feeling come arising from feeble or lowly mentality. All religions lead humans to eternity. The reward waiting for us can be heaven or hell. It is better we don't meddle in that because it is in the authority of God to decide whether hell or heaven is there.

So, in this 21st century everyone should have the freedom to search for God through different ways and also to take whichever route revealed to them as right. All thoughts which rise against it are derived from insecurity feeling, superiority complex and intolerance.

When the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi talks about development, and if that development is to be achieved, there need to have people with strong body and mind who work together for development. If people don't work in unity development will remain a mirage. Everyone needs to whisper to own mind that India is my country and, all Indians are my brothers and sisters irrespective of religion, caste and class, in order not to become a prey to the brainwashing of religious fundamentalists and fanatics.

The reason why many a time others are forcibly brought under the influence of a particular religion is the lack of belief in God and the insecurity of fanatics. It is said that Hitler was a person with immense insecurity feeling and fear of foreigners. He passed it on to a populace which caused bloodshed and the consequent destruction of a nation. It is a well-established historical truth that if we don't learn from history the history will repeat itself.

The reason for all the problems of the world can be traced to the lack of faith in God and the lack of faith that my future is secure in God. Insecurity feeling and selfishness can increase when faith in God decreases. Both are inversely proportional. This is similar to the saying," When Peter is in, Paul is out." Faith in God helps increase inner peace, and love and concern for fellow beings. It may be said that to view all people and communities who are different from one as enemies is because one doesn't have the God-given peace and security. Just because a person is under the label of a religion doesn't mean that faith in God is there. A leader of a religious group does not necessarily have faith in God in his inner heart. Selfishness and insecurity may be the hallmarks of that person. He passes on this insecurity to his followers. It is God's desire that we be happy always irrespective of the problems we face. If we can't be happy always it can be due to a lack of faith in God and ignorance.

Therefore, we need to know the truth or searching for truth in order to build up a bright future with peace and prosperity. Let us all work towards that common goal.

Man: evolution or creation? (Ninan Mathullah)
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