Providential Care and Anomalous Expansion (Poem: Dr. E. M. Poomottil)

Published on 03 December, 2019
Providential Care and Anomalous Expansion (Poem: Dr. E. M. Poomottil)
With a depressed mind I walked
Through the foggy lanes and reached
The bank of a lake, alone
In a misty winter morn

The green trees murmured and danced,
Little birds whispered and passed
The chilly breeze alone it seemed
To say, “Oh! the weather is cold!”

T’was suddenly I noticed
The pretty lake frozen dead,
The surface like a barren land
Covered ev’ry where with ice!

Anxiously forward now I stepped
Broke some ice, and as I peeped
Saw some creatures still at play
As ever happy and gay!

Thoughts kindled my heart at once
With what I learned long back in science:
Water expands in a manner strange
Below the degree Celsius four
Until frozen and forms ice,
Less dense ice to float at once
Leaving water down below
For aquatic world to live

Had it not so expanded
Aquatic life would have perished
In places where temperature falls
Less than degree nil Celsius!

As the Sun began to rise,
The frozen lake started to fuse
All my woes too seemed to melt
With a greater thought I felt:
In a wondrous pretty world
Made by great Almighty God
If such care sustains these creatures,
How much more He cares for us!!


Physics Note:
Generally, substances expand on heating. But water behaves in a strange manner when heated. In the temperature range of zero degree Celsius to four-degree Celsius water contracts instead of expanding. This peculiar behavior of water is called anomalous expansion of water, which has great significance to the survival of aquatic creatures in cold countries.

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