Trapped In The Doom (Poems: Abdul Punnayurkulam)

Published on 23 December, 2019
Trapped In The Doom (Poems: Abdul Punnayurkulam)
Howling winds…
Roaring missiles
Ambushers, snipers…
Bombs, car bombs, human bombs…
Thundering explosions!

Blazing bridges, schools, homes, hospitals and histories …
Scattered debris, scorched bodies…
Dark grey smoke hanging in the sky!

Looting, shooting… anarchism!
Butchering, torturing – innocents!

Hunger, thirst, exhaustion
Fleeing folks, weeping mothers…!
Nowhere to run, no place to hide…
Frightening days — miserable lives

Who’s brave – who’s bravest?
Who betrays whom?
Who liberates whom?
Who’s friend – who’s foe?

Who’s the heartless vulture – hatred,
religion, power or control?

All that left is doom
From above and below

Seize The Moments

My solitary soul spontaneously
recites free flowing rhymes…
I tried to remember the muse
I don’t have a pen to writethemdown
I procrastinate

With some efforts, I acquired a piece of paper, pen and apt time
Finally, I went to a quiet library to write poems,
but the feeling was gone!
I couldn’t write a single line.

Turkish Prisoner

I was a Turkish prisoner
Where the jailers said, freedom is not free;
 it’s a privilege, and I abused it.
I said, ‘I’m not a Turkish man.’
They said, ‘Then you don’t even deserve privilege!’
They gagged, tied, punished and pushed me
Into a long, narrow, dark corridor.
It felt like a well; I couldn’t breathe!

After many years, the jailers said,
‘We do not know why we are feeding you.’
They released me with a label engraved
on my forehead as, ‘Freedom is not free!’

Outside, the warm fresh air was welcoming
I inhaled as much as I could.
The vast sky and shiny clouds looked stunning!
Its immensity and beauty made me feel like flying.

I desired to cherish the freedom for a moment…
New buildings, streets, and cars appeared strange!
Children played around the fruitful trees
I touched a tree, its leaves so soft

I was so hungry; too weak to climb a tree.
I tried; I fell!

The Hell man created 2019-12-24 05:59:13
 Man's greed created a Hell in this Heavenly Earth
Yes! now we are doomed
The Vultures; the dark angels of our perishment are circling above us --
Great realization Dear Poet!
Hope this will awaken the readers - andrew
Fall of the Freedom 2019-12-24 06:08:26
 Everything around is walking around & lurking to murder our FREEDOM.
The religion, the society, the politicians & even friends & relatives- isn't?
We become a stranger to them if we are not on their track;
They try to deny our existence; we don't even deserve one, they say.
Relax, eat the fruits of Freedom from the tress around & slowly we can regain strength. 
- andrew
Sudhir Panikkaveetil 2019-12-24 11:27:45

The poet depicts the present picture of the world. In George Orwell’s Animal farm it is said “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.  In the world of men the same situation prevails. Here we are not equals as some of us are more equal.  So they control the world.  The puzzling situation is that the controlled and controller are equally confused and therefore the world loses its balance. Whom to blame? The poet asks.  Not one factor but several and therefore solution is remote.  Eagle would have been more suitable instead of vulture to show the power and cruelty. The carpe diem theme as we know is not applicable in all situations. Make hay while sun shines is the proverb. Most of the time we get sunshine when there is no hay and no sunshine when we get hay.  Good thoughts and good imagination. The third poem speaking of freedom inside a prison and freedom outside the prison. Outside the prison your attempts to achieve anything beyond your ability will bring you back to the prison. It is not the forbidden fruit but chances are there you may be expelled. Kudos to you dear poet.

മലയാളത്തില്‍ ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക