A woman, fearless! (Seena Joseph)

Published on 07 March, 2020
A woman, fearless! (Seena Joseph)
She stood her ground firm
With her head held high!

A mighty tree flourished
In her bones, holding her
Together and strong!

A winding river
Flushed through her veins
Cleansing her inside out!

Her heart trembled
In a thunderbolt.
Her nerves energized
By the lightning flash!

Dark and mysterious nights
Loved hiding in her long
luxurious hair!

Deep blue oceans
Of countless dreams
Called her marvelous eyes home!

Dawn and dusk, came and went
Painting her cheeks
With such vibrant glow!

Compassion and self esteem
Intertwined her soul
Like a flowering vine!

Indestructible spirit
And immense confidence
Personified, a woman, fearless!

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Raju Thoams 2020-03-09 11:16:03
This is very good, quite good. Wannabees in English poetry may learn a thing or two from this brief, balanced, and beautiful poem.
Seena Joseph 2020-03-09 17:39:21
Thank you..!
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