Published on 31 August, 2020
Indian media  reports ‘horror’ crimes almost on a daily basis -Brutal rape and murder of children to old women, Dowry murders even with unheard of method, like snake- bite ,patricide,  matricide , parricide – the list is endless . Still, nothing  shocks us more than children kill both the parents or wipe off the entire family ,like the very recent arrest of 22 year old Albin Benny of Kasazkodu in Kerala, for murdering his 16 year old Sister Ann Mary & attempt to kill his parents by spiking ice cream with rat poison .His father Benny, a hard- working ,honest man in his 50s, is battling for life and needs liver , while his mother Bessy escaped as she ate only a little portion of the poisoned ice cream .

Albin,  who was a recluse ,though not violent ,did not get along with his family ,especially with his father who expected a helping hand from his    grown up son  in managing his pig farm with 16 pigs ,poultry farm and 4 acres of land ,the only source of income ,that too working single- handedly.
Albin, who has finished a course in ITI Kottayam was working in a restaurant as a waiter ,without his parents’ knowledge. .Actually he did not keep in touch with his family except for once, when he wanted a mobile phone from his father. But, when he lost his job due to covid 19, Albin returned home , simply enjoyed the bliss of marijuana& endless mobile chatting with his girl friend. This monster even tried to molest his little sister but left her for fear of her  threat  to inform their mother
Equipped with the ‘rat- poisoning ‘details from google search , Albin mixed it with chicken curry .But , it backfired as the poison was insufficient& therefore it caused only the symptoms of food poisoning .
Not discouraged , Albin this time asked his mother & sister to make ice cream and when the unsuspecting mother, daughter  duo made the ice cream ,Albin took his cup & mixed poison in the rest of ice cream and  kept in the fridge
Next day ,he  refused the ice cream ,faking throat pain while his father & sister ate it .His mother took a very little portion of it .As rat poison works slowly, his sister developed symptoms which was diagnosed as  jaundice by the homeopath & later admitted her in a hospital where she died presumably of jaundice ,Albin’s  Mother was slowly recovering from the illness while his father was very critical with his liver damaged& needed an urgent transplant .

During that difficult time ,Albin dutifully attended sister’s funeral, constantly  present at the bed- side of his hospitalized  father, giving away absolutely no clue to the naïve, hard working  villagers and police
Strangely, Albin’s diabolic, ruthless and perfect  murder plot 
to usurp the family property was unraveled ,when the
 body of his sister showed  rat poisoning during postmortem.

Albin was arrested & during interrogation, a remorseless Albin confessed to his crime, adding that he thought the murder will be considered as ‘ family suicide’ ————

In New Delhi in 2018 ,19 year old Sooraj killed his 44 year old father Mythilesh , 38 year old mother Siya & 16 year old sister,  Neha. But, the experienced  Police officers in  no time could identify their suspect , 19 year old   Sooraj,  the  only survivor with minor injuries, while the other members died due to multiple stab wounds.
On interrogation,  Sooraj  ,  without a tinge of remorse, told the Police that he was “tired” of the reprimands of his father due to his utter indifference to studies ,lifestyle ,friends etc .He nursed a deep resentment for his father ,who had  physically & emotionally hurt him .He also expressed his anger towards his younger sister Neha, for “ telling on” him . So, triggered by his father’s thrashing on Independence Day for kite- flying ,he   planned the murder ,bought a sharp kitchen knife ,came home.He behaved normally and  even  casually went through their family album .Once they were all asleep, Sooraj sneaked into his parents bedroom ,stabbed his father several times.When his mother screamed & tried to run,  he followed her to his  sister Neha’s   room ,stabbed them both and inflicted  some minor wounds on himself .
Sooraj also set the scene for ‘Burglary’ by ‘ransacking ‘ the place. carefully wiped off his finger prints from the knife & foot prints from the bathroom and then cried for help ——————

On April 2017 , in Nandancode ,Trivandrum had to witness yet another cold- blooded, brutal murder —  a   26 year old   Cadell Jeanson Raja  murdered his parents, his sister  and a 70 year old blind relative .

Cadel, who was caught after three days of man- hunt
 admitted to the Police that he   is a’Satan – Worshipper’ and  the murder took place in the process of ‘Astral Projection’,a  process of liberation of souls from the body
Remorseless,  with  a suppressed smile on his lips ,he narrated how   he murdered his mother in the bed room, on the first floor ,then killed his father and  sister, one after another when they returned home and after  three  days his aunt,using a machete  bought  online .He also claimed that he is a victim of Parental negligence and abuse due    to his failure in completing his medical studies in Australia

Is Cadel mentally ill, schizophrenic or is he a victim of parental negligence & abuse? is the Astral projection, Satan worship etc. are    his diversionary  tactics ,a clever smoke- screen created to cover his real intention? . A detailed investigation into his childhood ,family background ,habits may shed some light on the motive behind wiping off his entire family—

In February, last  year in Bhopal, a 32 year old Udyandas
killed his live-in-partner, 28 year old Akanksha sharma,
‘entombed’  her body by putting it  in a wooden box & pouring concrete mixture on it. And with that concrete structure in his living room, he carried on his life, till the Police caught him. During Police interrogation ,Udyan  in his impeccable English ,
narrated how he had killed his parents & buried their bodies in their Raipur house,10 years ago at the age of 22. He inherited his parents’ three houses, money from bank deposits  & was even  drawing his mother’s pension of Rs28,000 ,till that month
Like Albin ,Sooraj and Cadel, Udyan too    expressed no sense of remorse about his cold- blooded murder ,as he had hated his parents  who ,he referred to as ‘Mrs & Mr.Hitler’. They forced him to study Maths against his will,& sent  him for higher studies in Computer Science.Though he could not pass any Exam , he managed to convince them that he was on the lookout for a suitable job after successful completion of his three years’ study.

After the murder of his parents, he lived in luxury with his inheritance ,befriended Akanksha ,promised her a job in the UN, as he was an ‘IIT product’ with tremendous influence in the US  ,where his mother Indrani Das too worked.
Later, when Akanksha confronted him with the death certificate of his mom, Indrani, he had to  eliminate her too—-
Interestingly, in   the West , majority of the killers of parents   are ‘adolescents’, driven  by uncontrollable rages during gun down their parents even for trivial reasons.
 But, in India, these brutal murders are the ‘ brain- children  of ‘young -adults’ .

This glaring difference is due to the fact that an individual’s  brain is not fully  developed until he is 20 to 25 years.So,
an adolescent  operates through his ‘limbic’ system ,that part of the brain dealing with feelings. His ‘Pre-frontal cortex’ of  brain associated with thinking ,deliberations and judgement is not working while young adults’ is working ..

India, the alarmingly  increasing   rate of murders by young adults   cause serious concerns and need a detailed analysis .of the common factors present in those cases.

Take  cases of Albin from Kerala and Sooraj from NewDelhi
Both were addicted to video games ,Albin was found nursing his mobile given by his father while Sooraj had rented a room in Mehaurali to play video games with his friends, after  bunking classes.

Albin , Sooraj Udyandas & Cadell are go murder  dangerously anti- social ,who want absolute  freedom to do what they want and do not hesitate a moment to eliminate the hindrances on their path.

They lack a connection to others and do not feel empathy.They do not even feel guilty as they have no conscience at all .
A closer look at the multiple murders  of the entire family  by Cadell and   Udyan Das too  reveal many common characteristics.

Udyan talks about his emotionally abusive parents who, too wanted him to be an Engineer at any cost,  had sent him to study Computer Science while  he hated Maths & wanted to study Social  Sciences. An unrepentant Udyan blames his over- ambitious, love- less, constantly abusive parents  & cruel atmosphere at  School & friends  for making his life miserable .

Udyan’s neighbors too knew nothing about him except they see two cars parked in front of his residence in Delhi, a Mercedes & Honda city.This is because of his family background .His  parents too  had no friends, relatives or friendly neighbors, a fact made it possible for their son to keep their chilling  murder, burial of bodies in the house premises and sell the house,a secret for ten long years !
Similarly ,Cadell’s well- to- do family too was an isolated family with no friends , relatives or neighbors. The neighbors knew nothing about them as Cadell was an extreme introvert . 

All theses gruesome murders point out the importance of a good family atmosphere where the parents love their children unconditionally , instead of being over- ambitious and push their children to an unrealistic goal without any consideration for their aptitude and potentials . Their constant physical, verbal, emotional abuse, hostile  School atmosphere with no chance of a healthy teacher- student relationship ,no competent counseling  facility like other countries etc, do play their role in the making of Albins,Soorajs Cadells & Udyans .

Research shows that the maternal bond or lack of it  affects our brain, hearts, bodies  & even sex lives.Allen Schore in his book ‘ ‘After Regulation& Origin of self’,says,”The child’s first relationship  with the mother acts as a template as it permanently molds the individual’s capacities to enter into all later emotional relationships”

The role of parents, especially of mother is of paramount importance in a child’s life. A mother should be the child’s best friend , confidant, counsellor & guide .Parents should love their children unconditionally ,be emotionally close & approachable so as to provide them that much needed safety valve- support system
Instead of pushing  the kids to fulfill their unrealistic goal, guide  them to find something which they are interested in. Love them, be proud of them &inculcate real values of life in them
Here it  is relevant to quote Mother Theresa who, has that golden panacea for all the evils in the current society- LOVE
 “ I think, today’s  world is upside down &  is so much suffering because there is little love in the   home ,in family lives . ….Love begins at home; love lives in homes,  and that is why there is so much suffering, so much unhappiness in the world today…..Everybody today, seems  to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater developments,  greater  riches  &  so on, so that children have very little time for parents& parents have very little time for each other, and in the home starts the disruption of the world”

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Sringara nicklas 2020-09-02 00:31:53
Murder happens when altruistic feelings like love , compassion , tenderness, basic human caring etc are completely suppressed or totally absent. The vile monster lurking within the human heart uncoils itself and sinks its deadly fangs into its object of hate, jealousy, greed, uncontrolled lust and unbridled rancor and repugnance. What a world we live in! The most sacred of all relationships which God himself has ordained is being torn to smithereens as brought out by the bone chilling stories as recounted by Sreedevi. There are many reasons for this and though some may seem justifiable, murder is NEVER justified unless it is an act of self defence. The multifarious issues that Sreedevi masterfully pens, are land mines in our society which people prefer to ignore. Kudos to her ilk!
മലയാളത്തില്‍ ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക