THE DREAM (samgeev)

Published on 26 October, 2020
THE DREAM (samgeev)
Joseph had a dream in the night
A dream of heaven and earth
A dream of sun, moon and stars
They greeted him in a dawn

     Joseph paid a price for his dream
     He was bound in yoke and chain
     His legs were put in shackles
     His vision kept a nation live

King had a dream of freedom at last
The dream of brotherhood
It levelled the hills and mountains
He paid the price with his life.

     Gandhi had a dream for his land
     The dream set tides and waves
     They shook an empire and its crown
     He paid a price to set a nation free.

Proclaim your dream day and night
Do not hide it in the closet
Let the tide go to the ocean’s end
Let it shake the crowns and thrones

     Water the dream day and night
     Make it grow high and bright
     The dream may set you free at last
     The price you pay will break the yoke.

Joseph is a Bible character.
King was the Civil Rights Movement leader in America
Gandhi was the great Indian leader who led the country to independence

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