LUMP OF CLAY (Samgeev)

Published on 06 December, 2020
LUMP OF CLAY (Samgeev)
A lump of clay I was, the child of earth
Sleeping in my mother’s womb
Until I was found by the potter
He dug me out, cut my cord.

The placenta is gone, I am free at last!
The potter put me in his basket, a journey starts
He carried the basket, brought me home
Home is sweet, I played with his children.

The potter came with a crushing log
Now I am here crushed, broken and sore
Until all my shape and egoare gone
I am just a powder, not a lump anymore.

He dried me in the sun, in the heat of the day
Here I lie crushed, formless and sad
Under the torrent heat of sun, it’s his way
Beaten and crushed, I longed for a shade

Mixed with my tears and water
I am a paste of clay, a sticky mud now
My shape is gone, my hardness crumbled
I longed to be back in my mother’s womb.

The potter handed me to his maid
Woman and mercy, they go hand in hand.
The woman came with a patting pad
Now I am sitting in the palm of a lovely girl.

The damsel patted me with gentle strikes
The fluid shapeless clay takes a shape
I look to myself, I am proud of the change
The touch of the woman spells magic and hope.

Now I am with a shape, the shape of a pot
Wet and soft I am, still I have a hope
The potter’s maid made a magic touch
She built curves and carved lines on me.

I longed to be in her hands forever
Formless I was, now I have a shape
Shape of a pretty vessel, still I am weak
The potter girl handed me over to the master.

I found a smile in the potter’s face
As in the day I was born to his hands
He put me in the kiln, I am not alone there
I found friends with many shape and size.

The heat and smoke I have to take
How long master? my heart turned hotter
I longed to go back to my mother’s womb
I wished I never met the potter.

Heat and smoke gave me strength and color
No more I am a lump of clay
I am a vessel indeed,strong and shapely
Still, I have to be in the kiln for a day.

The potter came and broke away the mold
Now I have color, red and gold
I am out of the kiln, I am strong and lovely
Now I am precious, a treasure I can hold.

മലയാളത്തില്‍ ടൈപ്പ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇവിടെ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക