Blue Birdie! (Poem: Milly Philip)

Published on 08 February, 2023
Blue Birdie! (Poem: Milly Philip)

Hey Blue Birdie!

Do you feel like you’re done?

Contour feathers are losing

Red beak is chipping.

It’s painful but hang in there.

You will fly high. 

Winds are strong, can’t fly too high. 

Air pushing you down.

Cold wind pierces your heart. Blood gets cold, just grin and bear.

You will fly high, you can’t give up.

Being resilient and love without any expectations

Not an easy task.

Birdie, you can do it, you’re robust enough.

Your heart is filled with fire.

Kindle fire of perseverance.

Birdie, you’re raised strong.

You can’t let your hopes and dreams go.

Any sun can’t burn your hopes.

Strongest coal is burning in you.

Birdie, no winter can freeze you,
No summer can burn you.

No fall can make you featherless.
Your spring will come, you have many visions to wrap up.
Birdie, keep your spirits up.

Be yourself ,fight the wind 
You will fly high!

Milly Philip,Owner,Wilstar ITSolutions.

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