On nature's trick (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

Published on 19 March, 2023
 On nature's trick (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

A Beautiful morning
With golden rays shining
On a copper sulphate velvety blanket.
The crystals of tar glisten in the heat
And here we are enjoying every bit!
A fun-filled day worth not a miss,
A day with my lil family, always a bliss.
 A carpet of emerald green at the entrance,
A shield of  unlimited sapphire blue,
A stream of golden rays glistening as opal,
A morning as crisp as a cracker,
Chores for the day as busy as bee,
Carpe diem with every new day that dawns.

Here comes Autumn
Looking like summer;
A conundrum that even
Weather cannot understand,
Is it a man-made vagary of nature?
Falling leaves getting to dormant trees
As flora and fauna prepare
For a long haul rest; time to enjoy
The beauty of Mother Nature
In another glorified form.


Morning sun reluctantly peeping
Out of the curtains of satin grey;
Morning dew anxiously waiting
To know if they will be quick gone!
Early risers sleepishly looking
To find out if they need a brolly;
Fauna inquisitive to find food for their young;
An interesting day ahead - conundrum like the untrodden snow!


Love that peace and serenity, 
That calmness and tranquility,
Love the chirping of birds,
The swaying of leaves,
That oneness with nature
A music to my ears;
Refraining from glib talk,
company adds that much-needed comfort
To soothe one's soul.

With each day that dawns
It is a new beginning;
Life gives us lessons
That no school imparts,
None can teach,
No books publish;
Getting the best out of each day
Makes life better and builds peace.

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