Mother-Synonym of all wonderful adjectives (Milly Philip)

Published on 16 May, 2023
Mother-Synonym of all wonderful adjectives (Milly Philip)

The bell rang. “Are you ok?”
“Yes,” I said.
“No, you have pain.”
I’m dumbfounded.
She understands what I didn’t say.

Years later, I called her “Are you ok?”
“I’m not, Mom,“ she cried, “but how do you know?” she asked.
I saw you crying in my dream, daughter.
Mother purest form of love, heartbeat of the world.
Threshold of her heart is open adorned with wreath of kindness and love,                                          
 super glue that keeps all together, 
gambles her life for her children, climbs the mountain for her children                                              
even she doesn’t have the strength.

King Lemuel, you are right.

She is clothed with vehemence and dignity.
She laughs without fear of future when she speaks her words are wise.
She the synonyms of all wonderful adjectives.

Milly Philip,Owner,Wilstar ITSolutions.

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