On Beauty of Dampness (Dr.Anna Sekhar)

Published on 19 May, 2023
On Beauty of Dampness (Dr.Anna Sekhar)

A carpet of emerald green at the entrance,
A shield of unlimited sapphire blue,
A stream of golden rays glistening as opal,
A morning as crisp as a cracker,
Chores for the day as busy as bee,
Carpe diem with every new day that dawns.

A misty morning with crisp dampness,
Drops of water skiing down leaves;
The grass, a layer of soggy carpet
And the black road, spotlessly washed.
Homes adorn the sides giving it
A homely look to the street; a perfect
Picture to click and reminisce when,
We look back time.

A Beautiful morning
With golden rays shining
On a copper sulphate velvety blanket.
The crystals of tar glisten in the heat
And here we are enjoying every bit!
A fun-filled day worth not a miss,
For each day always a bliss.

The flowers dance to the music of the breeze,
The leaves sway carrying trinkets of water drops,
The grass moves its fluffy head to the sweet notes in the air
The exotic birds add to this tableau chirping at right intervals and, 
The clear blue sky gives light and life to this exotic panorama.
Watching in a pensive mood - what a picturesque world!

Each blade of grass holds
A tiny pearl drop of water,
Each leaf acts like a slide
For the water drops to ski through,
Each tree trunk absorbs
The moisture like as if a sponge,
The bricked pathway swells 
With excess dampness, and,
Every flower that blooms glistens
With freshness, freshening our day.

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