On Bonding (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

Published on 26 May, 2023
On Bonding (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

Honesty in your words,
Integrity in your actions,
Truthfulness in your thoughts,
Sincerity in your bonding,
Happiness for others' success,
Nothing insidious in your approach,
No pun in your statements,
These make a good relationship else,
You are not worth knowing!

When you have lost your temper,
When you have lost your words,
When you have lost your calmness,
When you have shown arrogance,
When you have behaved chauvinistic,
You are Neanderthal, you lack charisma,
And you need to be kept at bay!!

For the way some have behaved,
For the way some have spoken,
For the way some have acted,
For the way some have snitched,
They will pay for their actions-
Be it young or old, near or far,
Blood or external; For,
'As you sow, so you reap.'

You do not have to be blood-related,
You do not have to be a biological sibling to shower love, 
care and warmth at the need of the hour;
You become a sibling when you
Are sincere and true in your bonding
Meaning no malice but sheer purity and honesty 
In your relationship, with no intention to make use of the other.

Shouting and howling,
Raising your voice,
Using some uncultured words,
Being unfair to some, biased to another,
Making use of people as if
They are meant to work for you,
Treating some with over care and 
The other with disdain,
Seeing and being partial to some,
The list goes on; if you fit in
any of the above, I may talk to you
Like normal but, you are kept at bay!


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