Cuba Mukundan at Times Square (Satire -Sam Nilampallil)

Published on 15 June, 2023
Cuba Mukundan at Times Square  (Satire -Sam Nilampallil)

Cuba Mukundan at Times Square.
Mukundan came from Kannoor  just to attend the Kerala Lok-sabha meeting.  Waliking  along the streets and seeing the sights of New York  he finally came to Times Sqare where Pinarayi Vijayan was inaugurating the Sabha meeting. There he met a tourist from Poland who was interested in the peculiar gathering of people.
“Hello, what is going on here? Who is that funny looking  guy singing?” The curious  tourist  asked Mukundan.
 Mukundan was very much happy to satisfy the stranger’s curiosity. He said, “He is the  Chief Minister  of Kerala, Sakhavu Pinarayi Vijayan. He not singing but speaking.”
“That’s funny; I thought it was a comedy show. Very sorry. There is a lot of entertainment shows in Times Squire. I thought it was one of the shows. By the way there is a bunch of people sitting on the stage; who are they?”
“They are all Pranchiyettans. “Mukundan replied.
“What do you mean by Prachitans?”
“Not Pranchittans but Pranchiyettans,” Mukundan corrected him. 
“ They have  spent a lot of money to sit with the Chief Minister.”
“Why should they spent money to sit with a Minister ? I don’t understand. In my country anybody can sit with the Prime Minister. Sometimes the Prime Minister comes to a restaurant to eat. There he sits with common people.”
“That is strange. In our State, Kerala,  Communists used to eat Parippuvada  and drink  kattan chaya in the olden days. Now they eat Chicken Biriyani.”

“I don’t know what you are saying;  but what is your Pinaravi saying?”
Mukundan corrected the stanger again, “ Not Pinaravi but Pinarayi. He is inaugurating  the  Kerala Loka Sabha.”
“ What is kolara lock?”
“It is an organisation to  help Keralites living in foreign countries.”
“That is really good to help people. In my country, Poland,  there is no such organisation. After all we don’t need help from any organisations. Polish people  help temselves.”
“ I know Poland was a Communist country some time ago. We Kerala Communists were proud of Soviet Union. Now we have only Chankile China to be proud of.”
“What you mean by Chakkile China?”
“Not chakkile but chunkile; it means we love China better than our own country, India.”
“What a shame! How can one love another country other than his own?”
“Because China is Communist and India is not.”
“Do you know we Polish people hate communists. If I find one of them, I will kill him.” 
“Oh, no. Don’t kill me.” Mukundan was scared and moved away from the Polish Boor-zhwah.


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