I believe (Poem: Milly Philip)

Published on 28 August, 2023
I believe (Poem: Milly Philip)

Not giving up on being myself

I stood up for myself
they silenced me
for I am wrong 
and to ignore injustice

I opened my heart to hypocrites 
they advised me to change
be perfect like them
put a mask and smile

I asked myself
Are you wrong?

What’s wrong in me?
Why can’t be myself?

And eventually when
My heart was constantly pounding
I ambled on sandy beaches
To find the answer

I told my soulmates
they motivated me  
held my hands 
not to give up

I asked to the waves
and the Sun to watch me
They said, you’re perfect 
Just be yourself

I’m always myself

With my heart filled with enthusiasm 
not worrying about others

Stopped pleasing 

I am made of love and bona fides
with loads to serve
I am not wearing a mask

Not giving up for being myself.
I believe in myself.

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