On Beauty of Fiji (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

Published on 12 September, 2023
On Beauty of Fiji (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

A place that has left an indelible mark,
A place that displays natural beauty,
A place that charms with a true smile,
A place that is not fake in any way,
A place that shows life is in no hurry,
A place that has captured people's heart. 
That is Fiji – ‘Viti Levu’ as it is traditional called!!

A couple of hours ahead in mind still,
Thoughts about Fiji linger in mind still,
Nature's beauty grab our thoughts still,
The lovely greeting 'Bula' captures still,
Those true smiles fill our hearts still,
How much more can a place be
best described- words seem inadequate! 
Vinaka Vaka Levu Fiji- simply meaning:
Thank you very much Fiji!

A palette of sapphire at dawn to
A gentle aquamarine at noon, to
A bold Turquoise in the afternoon to 
A display of navy blue
As the day draws to a close.
All these bordered with frills of white waves 
that forms a thick intricate lace.
This mighty Pacific vaunts
Its various shades of blue- a
Blissful display for any lover of nature.

The glowing sun glistens,
Through the fresh pristine land.
Waters sparkle with each little wave
being a palette of all the colours.
Soft sand hardened with time, and,
The leaves of the coconut palms
Glitter like as if had an oil massage.
Beautiful is not good enough, 
That is Viti Levu- an island in the mighty Pacific.

The calm Pacific adorning this
Mighty coastline of Viti Levu.
The beautiful sands kissing the waters,
Like a mother to her baby.
The bright sun and clear blue sky
Keeps us glowing with shine.
The rich flora all around
Dresses up this island in green.
Leaving a place as pristine as this?
That is a tough ask!

Nothing but the wide Pacific
 all to a lovely sunrise 
Getting us to bed with those soft
Notes of her waves like as if a lullaby.
Birds chirping and adorable palmy flora,
with coconuts clinging onto its tree like a baby holding onto its mother. 
Pleasing to eyes and soothing to our ears.
this mighty island in Pacific called Viti Levu, 
Which is commonly known as Fiji.

Waking up to the sound of waves,
The sound of water's music 
Reverberates to fill your ears.
Beautiful coconut trees 
lining the shores appear slender and sleek.
Some straight and some meander
Like as if wanting to kiss the water,
As a mother to her child.
Coconuts look heavy but 
Not to the tree who carries it proudly!
Absolute serenity and perfect time
To pen these words admiring Mother Nature.

Keeping the thoughts
As flowing as the waves,
Keeping the mind
As pure as the air around,
Keeping the heart
As big as this mighty ocean
And being sincere
Like the shore to its water,
Makes life beautiful.

A place that was completely new
A place that was completely unknown,
Invited and welcomed us to its land.
Although a short stay, a sense of
Belongingness seems to have crept in.
Life here is laidback- but does it bother? 
Pure air, relaxed life, people to care for and to care.
This sums up the joy of living-
Vinaka Vaka Levu Fiji! Sota tale.
Simply put: Thank you very much Fiji and,
See you again!


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