You-without leaving me (Shaji Joseph, New York)

Published on 24 April, 2024
You-without leaving me (Shaji Joseph, New York)

In love with my shadow, I reside,
You, my dearest, by my side.
Wherever I wander, there you stay,
Guiding me along life's winding way.

A loyal disciple, I follow true,
Proud to tread the path with you.
Your playful transformations, a sight to see,
From high to low, you dance carefree.

I admire your love, so pure and sincere,
Trying to leave the past life clear.
Gone are the days of old, now passed,
Those who followed, those who I surpassed.

No longer bound, they're all but gone,
Yet you, my shadow, remain steadfast and strong.
For in truth, I find your embrace,
From this moment on, till the end, our space.

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