On Divine Music (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

Published on 18 May, 2024
On Divine Music (Dr. Anna Sekhar)

Music the taste of few,
Music the talk among few,
Music the understanding of few,
Music the thing of few,
Music the love of few,
Music the mesmerising art from few,
Music the soul for few and divine to this few.

Many listen to music
Although all cannot sing.
Many love and enjoy music
Although all cannot understand.
Many find peace in music.
Although all may not know its form.
Many feel divinity in music
Although some learn the art 
And some do not.

Music is an unique language
A lingua franca of the few.
Music has an unique texture
That is enjoyed by that few.
Music knows no boundaries,
Which is understood by a few.
Music has that unique charm,
And an ecstatic divinity that, those
Who enjoy can relish.

Music is divine if you realise,
Music is peaceful if you enjoy,
Music is relaxing if you feel so,
Music is unique if you understand,
Music is fun if you feel its nuances,
Music is a soothing if you choose it right.
Any music, any form the notes are the same.

Music is a treatment for the soul.
Music can soothe the soul.
Music helps bring peace to the soul.
Music comforts the soul.
Music makes the soul happy.
Music always calms the soul.
Music is divine to the soul.
Music is powerful, therapeutic,
To those who love and believe in it.

Music knows no religion,
Music is sacrosanct.
Music knows no caste and creed,
Music is a category by itself
Music cares not for external power,
Music is powerful by itself.
Music has no boundaries to restrain,
Music is universal.
Enjoy it in its various forms; music is divine.

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